Sweet and Sassy

Jake is going through such a funny stage. He has really started to be sweet to his brother…giving him random kisses, sharing toys, and holding his hand. But every once in awhile, especially when Drew is getting too much attention from someone else, a sassy (that is being polite) side comes out and we end up having some drama. I can’t help but feel a little bad for him because I know it stinks to have to share the attention. But on the other hand…life isn’t fair! :)

On a particularly sweet day, Jake decided to share some of his new trucks with Drew…

Jake would hand Drew a truck, get right up in his face and say, “THANK YOU??”. Oops, guess he learned that one from me!

I have a feeling older brother might become a little more bossy until Drew can fight back!

Trying on his new rainboots. He loves wearing them…just doesn’t want to get them wet of course!

You looking at me??

One day I will get my super cute posed brother picture. Until then, this will have to do!

Jake has been doing awesome at school lately! It makes me feel sooo much better. Yesterday he was running down the hall and looking back at me going, “HURRY! HURRY!”. He ran right in his classroom and didn’t look back. It’s probably partly his age and partly being at school but I feel like he’s just soaking up so much right now and I can’t believe all he can do and say (sorry, I’ll probably keep saying that until he’s 30!)

And a little bit of sassy…

I decided that we really really need to start working more on potty training. Especially after he had a dirty diaper last week in his crib and was digging in it and wiping it off on his arm and FACE going “stinky! off! stinky!”. Did I mention it was my birthday?

So this morning I made a big deal about our Buzz and Woody underwear and told him he could wear it if he wanted to be a big boy and tee tee on the potty.

Enter major meltdown.

Like 20-30 minutes major. Screaming “MY PANTS! MY KIKI MOOR (cookie monster) DIAPER!”. Rolling around. Kicking his feet.

So I dropped it.

Then about 30 minutes later I told him he could have some fruit snacks if he wanted to try and go tee tee on the potty.

Enter major meltdown.

Repeat everything from above. Except now a little more drama because I wouldn’t give him fruit snacks.

Just as quickly as all this started, it stopped. And he walks up, with tear-streaked face and snotty nose, and gives me a big kiss on the lips.

I swear I will be gray by the time he’s 3.

Then before nap, I started to change his diaper and he got up and ran to the potty, went tee tee, and asked for a “prize”.

Oh my heavens.

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