The Post Where I Let Out My Frustrations

1) The following video is why I will not birth a third child (it gets good at about 34 seconds):

(Did you hear the radio turned full-blast on white noise??)

(I felt like I was in an insane asylum.)

(Anderle kids loathe their carseats.)

This is probably my single biggest parenting frustration (thus far at least). We dread going places in the car with our kids! Jake has mostly gotten better (cried in carseat for roughly first 15 months of life) but now that Drew is crying in the car, Jake wants attention as well. Whether it’s “fake” crying, real crying, whining, yelling, etc…it drives me BONKERS.

Like really. BONKERS.

Today both boys cried the entire way to church. Then they cried the entire way (minus a 20 minute nap) to Friendswood to visit Rachel and Michael (we love you guys!). Then they cried/whined the entire hour home.

At the beginning it was so funny, we just had to laugh.

By the end, I was not laughing anymore if you catch my drift.

My only guess is that it has to do with reflux because I’ve yet to meet anyone else whose kids cry so much in the car. In fact, it seems like everyone elses kids go to SLEEP. It just makes going anywhere a pain in the rear. And instead of enjoying myself, my head spins. So if you live more than 5 seconds from our house, this is why we might just stay here for awhile!

At least enough time for mama to regain her sanity and Drew to be old enough to watch the DVD player with big brother.

2) Everyone always told me that the 2nd child would be able to sleep through anything. This has not been the case! Both boys wake each other up, which I still don’t understand, because our entire house sounds like a waterfall during the day from our two sound machines. I can’t even hear myself think over those dang machines and they can somehow hear a pin drop. AGH. And before you start telling me that they need to get used to sleeping through noise, we tried that (still try that actually) for Jake and it doesn’t work. And you’re also probably getting a full nights rest.

I will do anything for sleep.

3) I am tired.

4) I apologize…we heard a lot of crying this weekend!

5) Thanks for listening. :)

6) Next post will be more upbeat!

2 thoughts on “The Post Where I Let Out My Frustrations

  1. 1)aww, that’s a good reason why i’m not ready for a second child yet. I’m sorry, that’s pretty aweful. Elizabeth is one of those kids that doesn’t mind the carseat, so I’m very thankful. I guess we’ll have to come visit you.

    2) Those people never know what they are talking about. ‘Everyone’ with their magic babies…..

    3) Yes. I understand

    4) Not necessary!

    5) you are welcome!

    6) and if it’s not, we’ll still read it.

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