The View From Here

The nice thing about our neighborhood is that there are kids everywhere!  This summer we had some awesome neighbors move in and the boys play with their youngest son almost every afternoon.  It is torture for them to wait for Kindergarten to let out.


I was about to say how relaxing it was to watch them play but Drew just ran in and had pooped in his pants.  Where’s a personal servant when I need one??

IMG_1501This child is a force to be reckoned with!  He will do great things in this world with his personality.


Jake has been playing soccer again this fall and likes it ok…but really loves just being with his friends.  He has played with many of these boys for several seasons so it’s fun to see them grow up.


And as always, his goal is to win the weekly medal.  The coaches give out one each week to a player who has exhibited a certain quality (teamwork, humility, patience, etc).  Jake has been waiting so impatiently for his turn!


I never thought the blender would be our most used appliance but this thing is working overtime.  Everyone has at least one smoothie a day and the boys like to help make them.  Here is Jake putting together his “salad smoothie” as he calls it.  Our old blender broke and we got the coolest new Ninja.  It has individual cups that you can put the blades on and blend which makes it so much quicker/easier.

And for dinner tonight: Kung Pao Chicken Zoodles

kungpaochickenExcited for this – smells so good!

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