Touch a Truck

Boys love trucks.  Boys love making truck sounds, rolling trucks, crashing trucks, and most of all…

truck2 Touching trucks

On Saturday morning we went to the annual “Touch-a-Truck” event put on in The Woodlands.  They bring out every kind of truck a kid could dream of and let them sit in them, climb all over them, honk the horns, turn on sirens (don’t go to this if you’re looking for peace and quiet), and more.

truck3 Ah.  Driving a garbage truck would be the life.

truck4 truck6 This year was even better because there was a helicopter!  Seth and I hadn’t even been up close to one and the boys got to climb in it and see the life flight equipment.

truck7 Fire trucks are old news by now.  Please.

truck10 truck11 Drew could’ve spent the day in the digger bucket (getting technical, I know).  I’m sure it was super clean too!

truck12 Every little boy’s dream…riding the school bus.  If only they knew how un-cool it was.  Take it from the girl who had to ride it for at least 5 years.  WITH her French horn in the seat next to her.

(I’m just talking about a friend of mine)

truck13And speaking of un-cool, watching the helicopter take off was the opposite of that!  Now I know why all the girls on the Bachelor freak out and cry when they see one.  It was the neatest thing to watch and I may or may not have teared up for some reason.  I stood there with Jake and we got our hair blown to pieces and he loved every second.

So thankful we have opportunities like this!  I think the highlight of my childhood was going to Thunderbird Roller Rink and my kids have easily surpassed that by their first birthday.

Kids these days!

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