Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet

Ok, time to catch up!
The weekend before Halloween we carved our pumpkin.  Jake’s class had already done one at school so he was excited and instructed Daddy on his every move.
I know.  Isn’t our garage lovely?

For a kid who doesn’t like to get dirty, he touched a lot of pumpkin gook.
On Tuesday, Jake got sick and had to stay home from school on Wednesday just in case.  I was so sad that he had to miss their “parade” and dressing up with his school friends.  He seemed to feel fine all day so when he heard “candy” he perked up and got his costume on for some trick or treating.

Notice my Halloween pretzels.  I am that mom.  I don’t care.

Our little superheroes.  Drew is at an awkward size so his costume was a little small.  Spiderman had some major highwaters!

Jake and some of the little neighbor kids.  They all did a few houses together and then split up.  It’s crazy that we’ve known most of these kids since they were born!

Jake and his friend Madeline

Drew wanted Daddy to carry him most of the night.  He finally came out of his shell when he got a sucker and then helped Jake get some more candy.

Checking out their loot.

The boys had a lot of fun and dressing up was half as dramatic as last year – thank goodness!  And speaking of thank goodness, they had no memory of their candy the next day so we have been happily eating our leftover Halloween pretzels instead. :)

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