Trip to the Zoo

Last week the boys and I took advantage of the beautiful weather and visited the Houston Zoo! It is such a pretty place and the animals weren’t so bad either. :)

I don’t know if I’ve ever been this close to elephants!  It was so neat.  There was even a little baby which I thought we could bring home…Seth said no.

Jake wasn’t super impressed…just focused on finding the lions!
We lucked out and ended up near the giraffes around feeding time.  I was so excited and thought Jake would be too!  Alas, he cried the entire way up because he wanted to see the lions instead.  Never mind the GIANT giraffe right in front of you!!! 

Jake fed that giraffe as nonchalantly as giving our dogs a bone.  “ME WANNA SEE LIONS.  ME NO WANNA SEE GIRAFFES, JAKE PLAY NICE WITH LIONS!” (Are you sensing a trend?)

I even got to pet him! (The sign said no, but hey, rebellion is in my bones)

We went with Jake’s little girlfriend, Regan, from preschool.  They are so sweet to each other and are constantly hugging, holding hands, and laughing.  Once they got out of the strollers they were having a blast running around!

Jake laid a big one on her!

I mean really…how cute are they!

I just love the look on his face.  He could’ve stayed there all day.

Posing by the (fake) giraffe with his other friends.

Oh lions.  Why couldn’t you be awake???  We visited the king of the jungle (forest? jungle?) 3 different times and they were just content to be sunbathing.  

Jake and Regan were yelling to “wake them lions!”  Sadly, their attempts failed.  

And where was sweet Drew?  Just chillin’ in the stroller of course.  I was shocked at how well he did!  He usually doesn’t like to be restrained and I don’t think he fussed once.  Just enjoyed the scenery I suppose.  I was so nervous to take them both without Seth but it ended up being a great day!  I might even get brave enough to do it again.  As soon as the zoo gets brave enough to lower their prices…sheesh!

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