Visit with the Great Grandparents

Last week the boys were so lucky to hang out with some of their great grandparents! Papa & Nanny were in town for a visit at MD Anderson and got to spend time with us when they had a free day. And the best part is that the next day, the doctors told Papa he was in remission! He has been so brave the past year or so battling lymphoma and we are SO GLAD he is better now!

Papa & Nanny with their 3rd great grandson

Jake looooved playing trucks with Papa. In fact, earlier today (a week later…this kids memory amazes me!) he picked up this same tractor and train in the playroom and said, “Papa?”.

I know. We’re still trying to cope with the fact that he’s a genius.

Jake especially was sad to see them go. Mostly because he loves them but also because they had brought him chocolate milk and the choo choo train. :)

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