Water Babies!

We had such a great Memorial Day weekend! I love long weekends…an extra day of Daddy and an extra day of being lazy. A win win!

We spent all 3 days in the pool and had a blast.  Unfortunately I only have iPhone pictures to share but hey, my kids look cute with or without a good camera.  On Friday, we spent time with my good friends Paula and Susan and Jake had a blast playing with his little buddy, Noah.  Then on Saturday we celebrated Blake & Jack’s 3rd birthday with a pool party (how are these kids turning 3??) and this evening we had a BBQ with some good friends and, you guessed it, another pool party!

We are so proud of Jake because he started out Friday being very nervous about the water and then this evening we couldn’t get him out of the pool! He was floating and kicking all by himself (with his floaties) and loved being in the “big water” (deep end). Drew is also a little fish. He doesn’t love his float so we mostly carried him around as he attempted to drink the pool water and jump out of our arms when we least expected it.  Talk about some busy boys!

The pool we were at this evening had a really neat bridge and the brave kids took a turn jumping off.  Jake decided to test it out with Daddy…

SO proud of that kid!

Jake and all his friends.  I love that we get to see most of these kiddos every week!
(Beckett, Skylan, Jack, Blake, Jack, Paige, and Jake)
Daddy and Drew.  He was happy as a clam this weekend!
Look how well he is “swimming” by himself…he could’ve stayed in there all day!
Me and my sweet boys!
It sure is exhausting to take both kids swimming but definitely worth it.  I think we wore their little booties out this weekend and am hoping at least one of them will sleep past 7 in the morning.
And because I just jinxed it, they will be up at 6 I’m sure! :)

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