World Records and Wildflowers

So I was just searching for the longest tantrum in recorded history and by gosh, I think our eldest child might hold the world record!  There’s no other competition in the “many many many all day long for hours and hours and hours category” as far as I can tell.

That should sum up how our weekend went.  And yes, you should bow your heads for a moment of silence and say “Well, bless their everlovin’ hearts!”

I would say more but I’m just not ready to talk about it yet.

SO, moving on to LAST weekend, pre-tantrums…

We went to San Antonio to visit my family and the boys had a great time!  My Uncle Bill and Aunt Sally came to visit on Saturday to see the boys (I would say “us” but you know that’s a lie!)

Aunt Sally was giving Drew little crumbs of her oatmeal cookie and he would give her a hug after each bite.  Hilarious.

Jake showed Uncle Bill how to play with all his Easter toys.

Sweet picture of Drew and his Nana

We came across this beautiful field of wildflowers on Saturday.  Much to Seth’s excitement, I made sure we stopped to take some pictures!

Love those boys.  But is it too much to ask for everyone to LOOK and SMILE at the camera??

This is what happens when Seth gets ahold of the camera.  We saw ducks.  And apparently he’ll be entering this in a photography competition because he thinks its that good.
Anyone else hear those crickets chirping?

Grandpa joined us in the flowers and got some quality time with his grandsons.

On Sunday we headed to Brackenridge Park to ride the train.  Jake was sooo excited…until we actually got ON the train.  Then he cried the entire time.  Best $3.75 we ever spent!

Sharing a seat with Nana

Nana and her grandsons

Drew didn’t quite know what to think about his Easter basket.  Don’t worry, Jake took care of it!

We had a great time in San Antonio!  The drive home is also something we will never speak of again, but hey…car trips can only get better and better as they get older.

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