Goodbye Summertime

For one of our last summer roadtrips, we headed to San Antonio to celebrate a birthday with a special friend and to visit Sea World again.  If you remember, last time we had to leave after 2 hours because Drew was so sick.

Let’s just say we may never visit Sea World again because we had a similar occurrence this time.

But we went and had fun and paid for it on the way home to Houston with fevers and vomit.

I know.  Our life is so glamorous, you might often mistake us for famous celebrities.

002xBut good grief, we were happy to be there!  Jake was super pumped.  It broke his heart to leave last time and he was ready to see the dolphins and sharks that we had missed.

031 We saw the Sea Lion show and the worst thing ever happened.  I was serenaded by the pre-show entertainer.  I wanted to cry – I hate that stuff!  But the rest of my family thought it was hilarious.  Glad they got a good laugh.

060 A sweet high school friend was a trainer at Sea World for many years and offered to let us meet several animals throughout the day.  It was so cool!  We got to pet and feed this sea lion.

079 I will never get over the size of Shamu.

120 125 Half-excited, half-terrified.

IMG_4901Because I can’t change the order of my pictures for some reason, I will pause to show you a picture of the kiddos who got to play last weekend!  Jake and Drew were so excited to see Bailey again – they have missed her a lot since she moved!  We were able to celebrate her 2nd birthday and visit with their family for the day.  Still hoping they move back to Houston one day…

IMG_4938 Back to Sea Lions.  Jake loves to pose.  Someone asked why I never take pictures of Drew but let me tell you…I try my darndest.  He runs or looks the other way when the camera comes out…

IMG_4912 Watching the dolphins swim…this is one of my favorite parts!

IMG_4961 Another cool experience we got was to meet this beluga whale.  So so neat!  We all got to pet/”kiss” the whale and watched the trainers feed her.  Drew was scared so we didn’t get a good picture but the rest of us loved it!



IMG_4973And we were so happy that Grandpa got to join us for the day.  The boys had a blast with him!


There’s my happy Drew…eating donut holes at the birthday party.  His love language.

Since we’ve been home, the boys have been sick, so we finally went to the doctor yesterday to get some medicine.  Their first day of preschool is next week and we aren’t going to miss it!

Toys and Underwear

Jake made his birthday list today.  He wants this whole aisle:

IMG_4864 Practical and cost effective, right?

In other news, we are all so excited that Drew is potty trained!  Phew!

IMG_4869He also has the biggest belly in Texas

IMG_4872And Jake wants you to know that he is potty trained too.  In case Drew starts getting too much attention from this.

IMG_4888Why does the second child grow up so fast?

I’m getting a little embarrassed by picture quality on the blog.  Perhaps I’ll try and get out our real camera soon.

Then again, that’s a lot of work.

So Long Summer

Sadly (but kinda happily), summer is quickly coming to an end.  You can tell we need to get back in a routine quick because we’ve reached the point where Jake just whines about wanting to watch TV all day.  We’ve actually had some cooler (read as low 90′s…) weather this week but it hasn’t been enough of a draw for the kids.

IMG_4860 This week we’ve been trying to swim as much as we can since the pool closes down in a few weeks.  They have had such a great time in the pool this summer with friends and both are so comfortable in the water.  Our big thing was “timing” how long they could stay underwater.  And now that I think about it…that’s all my friends and I used to do too…ha!  Next summer Jake will definitely be swimming on his own and I hope Drew won’t be far behind!

IMG_4857Pictured above is my biggest regret.  I found these cap guns at a consignment sale…not realizing they required actual “ammo” to shoot.  So Seth went and got some caps at Academy and we’ve had fun scaring the neighbor’s cats.

IMG_4853 The boys love a good birthday party and I feel like we have at least a couple a month!  Who can turn down all that cake and icing??  Especially when it will stain your teeth and lips for the rest of the day!

IMG_4833 We’d like to introduce you to the two newest Anderles…Barry and Sky.  What…you don’t see them?  Squint really hard and look at those creatures crawling on my kitchen floor.

IMG_4832 Hello Barry.

It has been tough to figure out a good discipline method for Jake, so we use incentive charts a lot which seem to work much better.  We dug our own grave when we (I) promised a hermit crab like some of his friends had if he filled up his chart with stickers.

Well, he did.

So off to Petco we went.  And now, believe it or not, these dang crabs are growing on me.

Hmm…that doesn’t sound good.


The boys both took gymnastics this summer with several of their friends.  This was Drew’s first class (Jake has been doing this for a year or so) and he loved it!  It has been a perfect way to get out their energy…they jump on the trampoline, swing on bars, jump in block pits, and run around.  Money well spent!

IMG_4807 IMG_4810 Playing (and bathing) with our sweet friends, Noah and Avery
IMG_4818 The boys have been eating their vegetables this summer so we decided to see how well they fit in Daddy’s clothes now.  Still need a little bit of growing…

IMG_4822 And who can resist a good movie??  We’ve seen Monsters University, Turbo, and now Planes this summer.  Planes was actually their least favorite but they loved the other ones.  Drew is still borderline too little for the movies but did pretty well with a never-ending flow of popcorn.

IMG_4825Mid-day “cuddling” with Sky.  Did I mention we got a BOGO free deal on these crabs?  The pet store wouldn’t let us tear a family apart because they had previously been living together with another family.  Oh my.

Be looking for them on our family Christmas card come December.

Dog Days of Summer

It is hot.

The end.

Have I mentioned I really don’t like summer?  I think I have.  One or a million times.

IMG_4708 In celebration of fall and cooler weather being only 3-4 months away…sigh…the boys and I wore our matching Toms.  Doesn’t get much cuter than that!

IMG_4723 We’ve made a few trips to the library…the boys have loved it.  They want to take every book off the shelf and bring it home.  Too bad the limit is 30.

30?  Really, librarians?  I don’t have the arms to carry those home.

IMG_4728 We went and saw Turbo last week…such a cute movie!  I was worried about Drew but he did great as long as the popcorn was flowing…

IMG_4647Obsessed with cars…

IMG_4649 Obsessed with trucks…

IMG_4686 IMG_4688 IMG_4699And of course we’ve had lots of time at the pool.  I mean, have you seen those Coppertone bottoms and blond hair?  Who would’ve thought?

If you need us, we’ll be enjoying the A/C or the swimming pool.


Friends…and more friends

This summer has been great because we are getting to hang out with friends…new and old!  The boys seem to fight a lot when we stay home so lately we are getting out of the house as much as possible!

IMG_4567 The boys and I went bowling one morning with some of their friends.  They had so much fun!  Drew was a little scared of the bowling ball but stood next to everyone saying words of encouragement. (“Go Jake!”)

Jake, Drew, Corben, and Julianna

IMG_4572 Kiddo got his first strike and legitimately beat me.  And I had bumpers.  That about sums up my bowling skills.

IMG_4503 Just another day of saving lives for these two

(Jake and Jack)

IMG_4525The boys went to their first Vacation Bible School a couple weeks ago at a small church in the Woodlands with some of their friends.  Most churches don’t allow kids under 4 so we jumped on this opportunity.  They had the BEST time!  We are still singing songs and talking about it.

IMG_4532 I volunteered with the kindergarten group but still got to peek in on the boys.  We had a snowcone truck come the last day and it just made their week.  Jake is on the right holding hands with one of his new friends.  So sweet!

IMG_4533 Drew still talks about this blue snowcone.  We were so happy with how well he did.  He had the best time and loved “BBS” (as he called it).  I think he will have a blast at preschool this year!

IMG_4536 IMG_4537 Jake, Blake, Lexi, and Jack

IMG_4556 Every morning after breakfast, the boys go sit together in our recliner and watch TV.  With as much as they fight, they also love to be together!  Makes me happy.

IMG_4559 Check out those abs.  Can you guess which one is the ham?

IMG_4560This guy!  Love that cheese.

I’ve talked to a lot of girls lately and how perception of other people’s lives can make them feel down on themselves.  This is everywhere in our society!  I was thinking about that as I was posting pictures the last few days.  We may have done a lot of activities…and the pictures show a bunch of smiles…but that’s mostly because I don’t take pictures of the bad days!  And we have those a lot!  I had to text Seth this evening while he was working late saying that our kids were attempting to stab each other with corn cob skewers and I was about to give up!

So just know we are not even close to perfect over here.  I get so frustrated, yell when I don’t mean to, have many insecurities, am grumpy in the mornings, and have much to learn.

But nobody wants to read about that.

(Unless you do.  Then I’ve got a lot of material to share!)

But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.

2 Corinthians 12:9

Summer Vacation

At the beginning of July, we packed up the car and headed to Destin, FL to spend a week at the beach with Seth’s family.  If you know our kids, you know how they feel about the car.  So needless to say, there had been anxiety about this for awhile!

The boys did so well…for the most part.  And 11 hours, 2 stops, and a vomit-filled carseat later (sorry, I’m transparent), we arrived.

Unfortunately, the beach gods didn’t want to cooperate with us.  On the first day, we had beautiful weather and enjoyed the beach.  For the rest of the time, we enjoyed the beach from inside our condo because of thunderstorms and lightning.  Gotta love karma.

020 (2)We headed to a fish museum one day, where we got to see huge mounted fish and sharks.  The boys gave it two thumbs up!

022 (2) Captain Drew

026 Jake (and I) got to go on our first hunt for sandcrabs.  It was intense.

035 Thank goodness for our “swimming pool” (hot tub).  The boys were able to get out their energy a little each day in here!

038 The rain stopped and we got some family pictures on the beach.  Love these guys!

043 Uncle Chase, Jake, Seth, Me, Drew, Popo, and Nonnie.

So fun to vacation all together!

052 The Anderle boys

066 068 Our whole clan

083 IMG_4394 IMG_4395 IMG_4416 IMG_4483 If you look close you can see the water spout (tornado on the water) that we saw our last day there.  This was a trip full of firsts!

IMG_4472 Watching July 4th fireworks on the beach in our pjs

IMG_4435 IMG_4458My heart!

We had a great time, despite the weather.  Our luck improved (not) when we got home late on a Saturday night to a 90 degree house and a broken A/C.  THEN, it got even better when my car didn’t start the next day.  Talk about testing your patience and faith!!

Luckily, life is back to normal now and next time we will pray a little harder for sunshine :)

Surprise…More Pictures

Don’t think I’m letting you off the hook.  There is even more to come.

(This is simply a means of making me feel better about myself…I hate to leave anything out!)

IMG_4179 Our kids love a good splash pad…especially with friends!

(Drew, Lexi, Jake, Corben, and Macie)

IMG_4180 IMG_4181 This pictures just cracks me up.  Haircut, anyone?  Jake had so much fun playing soccer and is already asking to play again.

IMG_4182 Jake’s team…taking a picture of a picture so this is quality, folks.

IMG_4236 Playing in the sprinkler.  Don’t think I didn’t join in!

IMG_4351 NKOTB, anyone?  In June, the New Kids (along with Boys II Men and 98 degrees!!) came to Houston and several friends and I traveled downtown in style.  We were lucky enough to sit in a suite and listen to our elementary school favorites along with some new songs.  You may laugh but I’m telling you…best concert ever!!

(Mallory, Jen, Kat, Sheila, Keely, Me, Kim, Brittani, Georgia)

Seriously.  Why are there not more boy bands today?

IMG_4379 Following the best concert ever, I went on a retreat with the leadership team from my weekly bible study.  Seth played the SUPER DAD card and not only took the boys fishing on Lake Conroe, but took them to an Astros game the next day.  All by himself.  Major props to him.  The boys (and me!!) are so lucky to have him!

This was Drew’s first boat ride and Jake’s second (although he was maybe 8 months old for his first one.)  They absolutely loved it and still talk about all their fun.

IMG_4380 Jake got to drive the boat with Garrett closely supervising.

IMG_4381The kids were so excited to catch a catfish and then the dads proceeded to cook it for dinner.  A step up from fish sticks, if you ask me.

Following the busiest weekend ever, we took family pictures (which you’ve now seen) and loaded up the car to head to Destin, FL.

Stay tuned.


Life in Pictures

A little of what we’ve been doing this summer…

IMG_4244 IMG_4245 Swimming and getting a tan, of course.

IMG_4253Playing “Name that Smell” (aka Mommy is running out of ideas)

IMG_4262 Trying to find time to work (I posted this to point out Jake’s hand. He has to be touching me constantly.  On this particular day I was catching up on some work and he sat on the bed with me and just held his hand like that the entire time.  Broke my heart!  We are working on him playing by himself a little…it’s a struggle!)

IMG_4266 Being cute and bathing! (Although surely the pool water counts some days…)

IMG_4269Sporting our shades and playing outside

IMG_4271 Also knowing when to come inside!  Try not to cringe…they had fun, ok??

IMG_4306 Chalk drawing…tracing each other is so much fun!

IMG_4311Catching turtles.  Fish seem to sense when we are coming.  The turtles don’t care.

IMG_4318 Chill-axing!

IMG_4328 Pj wearing

IMG_4334And wrestling with Daddy.

What else does a boy need?

Summer Love

June went by in a flash.  As a kid, it was almost unfair how quickly summer went by and now it is even faster.

004We made some good memories making homemade ice cream with Popo.  Drew would not leave his sight and even helped with the cranking.  The kid was not about to let anyone forget to get his ice cream!

007Jake and Nonnie in the pool
014 010 (2)Drew is quick to grab his toy mower whenever Seth starts working on the lawn.  It is so cute how he follows him around.  Drew calls it his “tiny mower” and pushes along next to him.

015 (2) Every night is a fight over who gets the frog or monster towel.  Every night their opinions change on which is the best.  It’s really very tricky.

019Love this crazy boy!

I feel like we’ve been a little lucky with the weather lately, but today felt like a new wave of unbearable heat.  And the humidity just adds some extra fun in Houston.  I love getting to use the pool but fall couldn’t come sooner!

Smile Because You Have To!

A few weeks ago we took family pictures to document our quickly changing and growing boys!  Crystal Lynn Photography in The Woodlands did an awesome job.  I felt like we were all sweating and the boys cried half the session but you’d never know it from the pictures.  As Seth said, “these pictures don’t represent real life at all.”.  HA!

_MG_7242-2647854856-O _MG_7244-2647859512-O Our hands are full and blessed!

_MG_7258-2647868297-O _MG_7263-2647881294-O _MG_7268-2647885761-O Love these boys!

_MG_7283-2647886528-O _MG_7294_1-2647887931-OI just die.  They are looking more and more alike (and the same size)

_MG_7308-2647893819-O Drew and his daddy…such a daddy’s boy!

_MG_7311-2647892820-OAnd Jake has all sorts of cheese.

_MG_7323-2647897906-O _MG_7354-2647908404-O I am so glad to share life with this man!  I love him more each day.

_MG_7361-2647913609-O Drewbie is 2…looking so big but still our baby!

_MG_7366-2647914496-O Love this of the boys hunting bugs…and for those of you who know me well, check out Jake’s sitting position.  Is he my child or what??

_MG_7382_1-2647919471-OA train came by at the end of the session which was just the icing on the cake for these two.  I would love to get a canvas of this pic…just beautiful!

If you need a photographer, definitely check out Crystal!  Her prices are sooo reasonable and she is super quick.  Forever blessed by these wonderful pictures and memories!