Summer Snow

Eh…I wish.  But reading about snow in August is almost the same as being in it…right?

In late February we headed to Crested Butte, Colorado for a family trip.  If I could choose any vacation in the world for the rest of my life, it would be visiting the mountains!  You’re just happier in the snow.  What we didn’t know when we booked the trip (leaving on a Friday morning) was that Seth would be out of town traveling for work the week we left.  So it ended up being a little crazy and he had to meet us at the airport Friday morning from a connecting flight.  The boys and I managed to pack, get to the airport on time, and get everyone checked in without a hitch…I was pretty proud of myself.


Like the good little travelers we are, we got to the airport 2 hours early.  An then proceeded to wait through a 4 hour flight delay.  Hence, Drew bathing in germs on the floor above.


The boys were so excited to finally fly for the first time!  Jake read through every manual available and asked questions from take off until landing.


Since I got so cocky about everything going smoothly at the airport, of course we had some bumps.  It later took us 4 hours to drive 50 miles from the airport up to Crested Butte.  By the time we made it up there, it was 9pm and we were beyond starving.  But the boys were falling apart and Jake ended up falling asleep in his chair at the restaurant.  Jake never falls asleep anywhere he isn’t ‘supposed’ to so this was hysterical!




Seriously.  It doesn’t get much more beautiful than the mountains.

IMG_6113 Crested Butte has the best kids area…there was a snow playground, tubing, and more.  The kids loved it.


Finally getting to make a snow angel

IMG_6116 IMG_6120

Besides not wanting to wear warm clothes, Drew enjoyed the snow too!

IMG_6123 IMG_6127 IMG_6133 Such a happy kid to be there!


Daddy and Drew digging in the snow


My cool dudes

IMG_6165 IMG_6170

Drew enjoyed quite a few naps.  Walking in the snow is hard work!

IMG_6174 Me and Drew


Me and Jake


Jake decided he wanted to ski the last day we were there.  So him and Seth suited up and spent the day on the slopes.  He did awesome!  Jake had no fear and never got tired.  I hope both boys love skiing when they get older!


Jury is still out on Drew.  He just wanted to ride the lifts.

IMG_6199We were so sad to leave but had a great time!  If anyone is ever giving away a mountain home, let us know…

Da Boys

Before I get into the great cell phone conundrum, it’s only fair to quench your picture thirst. Everyone in this house but me (ok sometimes me) whines and complains about taking family pictures but they are one thing I will never ever regret!  Pictures are so special to me and I love looking back at how things have changed over the past several years!

IMG_1304 Jake (4.5 yrs).  Doesn’t get much sweeter than this.  Also can I give a shout out to Old Navy for the boys’ shirts?  I think they are absolutely adorable.

IMG_1306 ¹‘‹‘lÆðY܋ù¼


Jake and his daddy

IMG_1347I think someone probably shouted “act like you love each other” right before this picture…am I right?  Seth always says we need pictures with crying kids because that’s “real life”! :)


Oh my Drewbie.  This kid.  He is a handful.  A handsome handful.IMG_1392 IMG_1400

Drew (3 yrs)

IMG_1402Don’t let the smile fool you…he was trying to choke Seth.

IMG_1406 Pure joy.  This is the Drew I always want to capture on camera!  This is how he lives life.  (Except when he doesn’t get his way)


I die.  Nothing else to say about these.

IMG_1425Being a mom to these two is an incredible gift!

We are full swing into summer over here and I would say we’ve been swimming every day but the RAIN.  It’s great but sheesh.

Our Ninja Turtle Turns 4

At the beginning of October we celebrated Jake’s 4th birthday with family and friends.  His party was at a local park in the Woodlands that also has a new splashpad.  At the time I reserved it, I figured it would be too cold to play in the water but Texas, you never disappoint.  It was a HOT day!

017 The kids went nuts in the water and had a blast!


My good friend, Jessie, once again blew us away and made the cutest Ninja Turtle cookies for the kids!  She had all four (red, purple, blue, and orange) and they were a hit.  And of course tasted wonderful.  Check her out on Facebook (Sweet Creations Cookie Shoppe) if you are interested!  And you should be.

018I didn’t get a great picture of all the food but we had “turtle shells” (Oreos dipped in green chocolate), fruit, snacks, chips & dip, and cupcakes.

019 028 031 039 This is why we will be in the ER soon with Drew. Hanging on a slippery pole over wet concrete.  At least he is learning a lot in gymnastics!

048 Birthday boy

063 Jake had waited anxiously the past 364 days for his 4th birthday.  And don’t worry, he’s already planning his 5th.

068072 074 I made Ninja Turtle masks for all the kids with a little help from some friends.  This was before I realized they sold them for parties in the store.  They were so cute though and the kids had fun wearing them!

082 087 Family picture (with Lexi…who will probably be in our family anyway one day)

093 Jake was so sweet with his presents.  He let Drew help him open them and even bought Drew a toy with some of the birthday money he got.  I mean, my word.

098 107 First cowboy hat!

110 111Nana and Michaelangelo

We had a fun today celebrating and are so proud of our 4 year old!



Jake the Snake

I thought it was about time we looked into a typical day in the life of Jake.  And I’m just now realizing I could make this post a lot cuter by taking pictures of each event every day but that just sounds a little exhausting, doesn’t it?

Jake is now 3.33 (but for rounding purposes, let’s just say 3.5 shall we?).  He is goofy, focused, VERY inquisitive, talkative, creative, silly, energetic, smart, strong-willed, and (for the most part) well-behaved.  He is potty trained (except for at night) and can even nap during the day and stay dry.  For whatever reason, Jake has taken more naps this year than he has the entire last year of his life.  I’m afraid a big growth spurt might be in our future!

He goes to bed around 8pm and gets up at about 7:30-8am.  Jake “rests” in his room each day for about an hour…reading books, singing songs, or sometimes falling asleep.


If we let him, Jake would sit in front of the TV or on the iPad the entire day.  I’m afraid he’s my child.  His friends will come over to play and they’ll want to watch a movie…Jake’s buddies will lose interest after about 5 minutes and he sits through an entire movie without moving a muscle.  Both good and bad for me!

He loves to color, make crafts (this is his favorite part of school and church), ride his bike (he is OBSESSED right now and asks daily to take off his training wheels), read books, draw, play with his Rescue Bots and Batman toys, and is starting to enjoy games.  Jake LOVES to play with his friends.  He squeals with excitement when he sees them.  I would say he’s probably more of a mama’s boy but definitely loves time with Daddy…especially when they wrestle.


The thing I love about Jake is how many questions he asks.  A 3 year old mind is still so innocent and it blows me away the things he comes up with.  The other day his shirt said “Heartbreaker” and he asked me if that was because his heart had to break for Jesus to come inside.  It takes many people their whole life to figure that one out!  He is so curious about our bones, blood, heart, brain, etc and always wants to know how things work.  He will sit with me and talk and answer questions for long periods of time.  These times are so special to me because I know he won’t want to talk forever!  He’ll come home from school and tell me about what his friends ate for lunch, what so-and-so said when they were playing, sing the songs they sang in music, what they learned in chapel.  I hear it all!  (Which, as a result, he has also become a big tattle-tale…HA!)

022(Hard to tell, but he is sitting in front of a penguin aquarium)

Jake can count to 20, knows his ABC’s for the most part (he can identify most letters) and can write “O”, “Q”, “S”, “T”, and “a baby i”, as he says.  I’ve noticed that he has started to memorize several of his books and reads along with me.  He makes up silly songs and has the silliest facial expressions.

He goes to school on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9-2 and takes gymnastics on Tuesday mornings.  I wasn’t sure how gymnastics would go, but he’s been doing this for about 9 months and has a blast.  He’s also hoping to play soccer this spring with some of his school friends.  Which is great, because we know a lot about soccer.

Kick the ball, score a goal…right?

How can you even capture everything about your child’s life in one blog post?  It’s impossible.  I feel like I’ve shared so much yet there is so much I’m sure I’ve left out.

But Jake, when you read this one day (which, of course you will because boys are just so sentimental, right?), just know that you are LOVED, you are BLESSED, and you are JOY.


3 Year Check Up

Jake had his 3 year check up on Friday and did great!  We always seem to go to the doctor for Drew (thank you ear infections) so it had been awhile since he was checked out.
Thanks to the doctor kit he got for his birthday, he knew all about how to get “pumped up”.

Being such a big boy for the nurse.  We love her because she was actually my nurse at the OB when I was pregnant with Jake.  Then when we went to the pediatrician for his 2 week check up, she was our nurse there.  She claimed the job change was a coincidence but I’m thinking I am just that good of a patient.
(All my doctor friends – stop snorting)
Jake was 30 lbs and 36.5 inches, which put him in the 30th percentile overall.
I was so proud of how he did and we will just wait in anticipation for those 4 year old shots, which I hear are a real treat!

(And just because he looked cute)

Batman Has a Birthday – Part 2

I’m sorry but you’re about to have cheesy smile overload.  But I can’t help it.  Because one day he won’t do this for me anymore!

Um, so excited to open presents!! Jake kept saying “ohmygoodness, ohmygoodness, ohboy, ohboy, ohboy” over and over.

Posing with his new Batman shoes.  They are SO cute! 

Uncle Chase watched us open presents with FaceTime.

Loving his new doctor kit.  He has “pumped us up” several times.

We were so excited to get Jake his own Batcave!

Popo was the designated package opener.

2 Batmans in one present? It can’t be true. 
I sure hope he likes Batman in 6 more months…

Loved his new toys from Nana

Posing with his new grill from Nonnie and Popo.  We have made lots of hamburgers and hot dogs!

So lucky to see Uncle Kyle, Aunt Emily, Aunt Rachel, and Uncle Michael!

Love this.  Drew was taking a nap which made present opening a little easier.

Taking care of the neighbors yards with Jake’s new blower and hedge clippers.  I forgot to deliver our invoices today…

Helping Daddy blow the grass away
And you just think I’m done with pictures…
Jake was on a birthday-high all day today and hopefully his new gifts will keep him occupied for many many months!  Our boys are so blessed and had a wonderful time playing with family.  Nonstop attention is right up their alley right now!

Batman Has a Birthday – Part 1

This past weekend we celebrated Jake’s 3rd birthday superhero style.  Well, actually Bat-style.  He is all about Batman & Robin and could care less about the others.  And of course he has designated Drew as Spiderman.  So we go with it.

We held his party at a local bounce house place called Bouncin’ Bears.  This is one of Jake’s favorite places to go and he had been begging to have his party there for months and months.  Then at the last minute he decided he wanted his party at the park instead.  Kids are stressful! :)

All the superhero cupcakes.  I forgot our cupcake stand and luckily my sister pulled through with one of hers.  But you know what the kids don’t care about?
Cupcake stands.

Cousins Kristen and Elizabeth

Jake’s “girlfriend” from school, Regan, was able to come and he was SO excited.  He talks about her on a daily basis and she is just precious.

The dads secretly love the bounce houses too!

Jake and Bat-Dad

I could eat him up!

Sweet Kate watched her big brothers from the stroller

This was one of my favorite pictures from the weekend!  I will definitely have to frame this one.  I love it!

The party room.  It was a happening place.  20 kids means 40 parents.  Good thing we all like each other :)

Jake was so so excited for it to FINALLY be his birthday party.  He was waited so patiently and I think he was just completely overwhelmed and in awe.  It was so cute.

Matt & Craig up to no good with their babies.

Jake took his Happy Birthday song very seriously.  I don’t think he cracked a smile the entire song.

You can see he is holding on to the table tightly and staring at the candles.  He was nervous but knew exactly what to do when the song was over!  We were so proud of him.

Sweet sweet boy is 3!

Thankfully the stores carry Batman shirts in all sizes!
We are so thankful to everyone who came and celebrated Jake’s birthday with us!  I know the kids had a blast jumping around and I’m sure many good naps were taken that afternoon. :)

Jake is 3!

I’m not sure I knew the meaning of pure joy until 3 years ago today.  Funny how a 6lb 7oz baby boy can just completely turn your life upside down!

Jakey, Jake the Snake, Jakers.  I’m sorry I lied when I promised we wouldn’t give you a nickname.  You and your brother have been the biggest blessings from God!  It is completely humbling that He trusted us to raise 2 sweet boys.  

You are funny, sweet, mischievous, hard-headed, strong-willed, smart, curious, patient, impatient, loveable, persistent, and difficult…all at the same time. :)  You are the only YOU in the whole world.

You are growing up before our eyes and it makes us so proud to be your parents.  Sometimes I just want to hug you close and never let you go.  I know the next 15 years are just going to FLY.

You are truly a “big boy” like you tell us, and have changed so much this year.  You are the best big brother to Drewbie (again, the nicknames) and he loves you so much!  We loved celebrating your birthday this weekend and you are so so blessed to have SO MANY people that love and support you!  I could just cry.
Which basically means I’m toast at your high school graduation.  
Well, probably pre-K graduation too.
We love you so much and I thank God everyday I am able to stay home with you during these early years.  You make each day an adventure.
Birthday party posts to come… 


Jake:  Mommy, what are you doing?
Me:  I’m resting.
Jake:  Why are you resting?
Me:  Because my head hurts.
Jake:  Why does your head hurt?
Me:  Because you talk a lot.
Jake:  Why do I talk a lot?
Me:  I DON’T KNOW!!!
Jake:  Mommy…what are you doing?