10 Months Old

Drew, you are 10 months old! Practically a little boy. Let’s all have a moment of silence for this mama.

(Luckily, you will always be my baby compared to your big brother.  Except the baby never gets any attention.  Just ask your Aunt Rachel :)

You have had a great month!  You weigh almost 18 lbs and I’m sure you are growing taller too.  We were at the doctor last week for yet another ear infection.  You are on your fourth or fifth, I can’t keep track.  So we are trying another type of antibiotic to help fight it.  You don’t show any outer symptoms of an ear infection so I always feel terrible when the doctor confirms it!

You are such a ham. This past month you have loved attention.  You’ve had a lot of separation anxiety and can go from being super happy (if we’re holding you) to super distraught (if we put you down).  The beginnings of a toddler temperament I presume…

I forgot to mention this last month but you will give a kiss on command!  It is so sweet.  You will also wave if we say “hi!” and clap.  Sometimes you will just lay in your crib clapping for yourself.  That kind of self-confidence will get you far in life!

You have been a really good sleeper as long as you’re not disturbed.  For that reason alone, your daddy and I do not like sharing a room with you if we’re out of town!  You will keep us up all night (and have).  You are in bed from about 7pm – 8am and take 2 naps a day (totaling 3 or 3.5 hours).


I think this is just the sweetest picture!  You are wearing size 6-9 month clothes but can fit into some 12 month hand-me-downs (Between Blake, Jack, and Jake, they’ve been washed enough times to shrink a bit!).  You are also wearing size 3 diapers.

You’re still a champ at crawling and pull up all the time.  You don’t show much interest in your push toys or walking around furniture.  Who has time when you’ve got to keep up with Jake??

You are still a great eater!  You nurse 4 times a day and have 3 meals of solids.  We are pretty much weaning off pureed foods (although I doubt you’ll ever let go of your precious applesauce!) and you have loved grilled cheese sandwiches, ravioli, rice and beans, chicken nuggets, and mac & cheese.  The only food you really don’t eat right now is cut-up fruit.  You will eat any kind pureed but won’t eat blueberries, banana, strawberries, etc.  Weird to me because your brother has always loved it!

You especially love your Daddy lately and are all his when he’s home from work.  It’s almost easier if you don’t see him in the mornings before he leaves so we can avoid the meltdown!  You are also super excited about our dogs although babies are old news to them by now. :)  You still hate your carseat and don’t sleep more than 20-30 minutes in it if it’s naptime.  Hopefully we will switch you to the convertible seat this weekend.
You are the SWEETEST and we love you so much, Drew!  I can’t wait until you can walk (bittersweet) so we can do more fun things.  Right now it’s still a little hard because you just want to get down and crawl but I don’t always trust the cleanliness of public floors.
Can’t believe you’re almost 1!

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