11 Months Old

Let’s just take a moment to stop time. Please. I am begging you.

The past month has probably not been my favorite age BUT it’s only because we are at the awkward “still crawling but please walk soon” stage that makes it so hard to go anywhere!

Drew, you are over the carseat and strollers!  Right now you are the epitome of a wiggle worm.  It’s impossible to carry you anywhere in public without multiple attempts to escape our grips.  And you try your darndest to wiggle out of the stroller straps.  As much as I’d like to let you crawl across Target, I just don’t think we’re ready for that yet.

As always, you’re the cutest and sweetest 11 month old we know! 

You’re almost 19 lbs and are wearing 9 month clothes (can pull off some 12 month outfits).  You wear size 3 diapers and size 2 shoes.

You are also a good sport because big brother crashed your photo shoot.  Notice he didn’t want to smile.  He just wanted to be included.  :)  

You are always smiling and waving.  You have started waving and saying “hi” at the same time.  You have said “mamamama” a couple times and Daddy swears he’s heard “dada”.  

You are a bottomless pit and eat all day.  We just have a problem with you drinking anything.  You still won’t take a bottle and have turned your nose up at sippy cups.  I am embarrassed to say I gave you milk in a syringe tonight.  But you are losing interest in nursing and won’t drink from a cup so what are the other options?? :)  We also mix a lot of breastmilk in your food so that you’re at least getting liquid there.  I suppose you’re allowed to be difficult with just one thing!

You are starting to get some curls in the back which are just the cutest.  Daddy wants them cut and I told him NO WAY.  Anything to keep you looking like a baby.

You sleep from about 7pm – 7:30am and take 2 naps a day.  I have a feeling we’ll be moving down to one nap sooner than later.

You aren’t that interested in playing with toys.  Instead you just like to crawl around, explore, drag things around, and follow Jake.  Low maintenance…I like it!

You have 6 teeth (4 on top, 2 on bottom).  You got the 5th and 6th within the past couple of weeks.

You still aren’t interested in walking although you’ve accidentally stood for a couple seconds on your own.  I have a feeling when you figure the walking thing out, I will have to move a little faster!
Drewbie, we love you and I can’t believe I’m about to mail out your FIRST birthday invitations!  We are so so proud of you and cannot wait to see you grow!

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