3 Months Old

Drew is 3 months old! He is getting so big and developing a cute little personality. I have a hard time with newborns because well…they just don’t do anything. But I looove once they start interacting with you and can talk, play, etc. I know we have a few more months for that, but Jake is going to love having a live-in playmate!

In fact, Jake did the cutest thing the other night in the bath. I brought Drew in there and he said, “HI! Hi, Drew! I Jake! Mama! (pointing to me). Hi baby!”

I finally have some hope that they WILL like each other! :)

But I digress.

Drew, at 3 months you are:

- approx 11 lbs and growing by the minute

- wearing 0-3 month clothes but not for much longer! You are just too long, buddy.

-wearing size 1-2 diapers

- very active! (well, as active as a 3 month old can be). When you’re awake, you’re constantly babbling, smiling, kicking, punching, etc.

- a drooler. Jake didn’t drool so this has taken me by surprise. You certainly know how to soak a onesie.

– my Mr. Smiley! You just crack me up. You wake up with a smile on your face, stop crying to flash a quick smile, go to sleep with a smile. You can’t even hold your paci in sometimes because your smile is so big. Everyone comments on this – it is hilarious!

- rolling from your tummy to back and even rolled from your back to your tummy once.
This could be my favorite picture of you so far!

-eating every 3 or 3.5 hours.

- taking 4ish naps a day in the swing. My goal is to have you napping in your crib by 4 months.

- still swaddled for sleep but I also want you out of the swaddle by 4 months. I have some challenges ahead :)

-You have been sleeping through the night for about a month (roughly 10 hours). I have started putting you to bed a little earlier (9 versus 10 or 10:30) and you’re doing great!

-Still sleeping in our room (your poor brother only lasted 2 weeks) but I have decided to move you to your own room this weekend. We tried a couple weeks ago and it was a disaster so since we’re older and more mature now, let’s try again shall we?

Drew, we just love you so much and you were the perfect addition to our family! I love how you light up when you see us and the little giggles you make are to die for. I sincerely hope you and Jake will be the best of friends. I don’t think there’s a luckier mama out there!

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