6 Months Old


You are SIX months old! I am begging you to stop growing now and stay this little and sweet forever! You are such a happy little boy. Always smiling and laughing at us…most of the time at least. But let’s not forget your testy little temper! As Daddy once said, “Jake screamed a LOT more than this but Drew can scream louder than any baby I know!”
Lord help us in another 18 months! :)
At 6 months old you:

- wear size 2 diapers (about to move to 3′s)
- wear 3-6 month clothes
- weigh about 14.5 pounds. Your check up and shots are tomorrow so I’ll get the official stats then.

- love being on your tummy

Because how else are you supposed to crawl around??
You heard me right.
You are moving and grooving. You army crawl all over and definitely get where you need to go. And look how well you’re sitting up on your own!

- Have started eating veggies and fruits and LOVE them. This is where the screaming comes in. If I wait 4.5 seconds instead of 2 seconds to give your next bite, you lose it. I’m sorry, but sometimes I just get distracted!! I call you my hungry monkey because you can put down some food. You have tried:

-rice cereal, baby oatmeal, peas, green beans (don’t like them), carrots, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, bananas, peaches, and applesauce. You easily eat more than Jake ever did as a baby. In fact, you probably eat more than he does now!
- have started experiencing some separation anxiety. You have not taken the last 2 bottles you’ve had (let’s work on this PLEASE), and will fuss if someone else holds you besides me. I do love this but occasionally I have to cuddle with your brother or use the restroom!

- are starting to push up on all 4′s and rock back and forth. Today you scooted your legs forward in a crawl but didn’t know what to do with your arms and crashed on your face. Insert extremely high-pitched scream!

- still have no teeth. But look at that drool!
- just got over your 2nd ear infection and I am hoping you get a clear report at the doctor tomorrow.
- have stopped taking your reflux meds – yea! This was actually by accident because I realized I’d been forgetting to give it to you. But you’ve done great and aren’t spitting up anymore either.

- can almost take a bath with your brother! That will be so much easier. You’re doing great at sitting up in the baby bathtub and really love your bath!
- are sleeping 12-13 hours at night (7-7 or sometimes 8am) and take 2 naps during the day. Sometimes we have to squeeze in a 3rd if you get up extra early but it’s getting harder and harder to do that.
To sum it all up, you are perfect! We are so lucky to have you in our life. I can’t believe in another 6 months we’ll be celebrating your 1st birthday!
Love you Drewbie!

And here’s Jake at 6 months old…I barely remember this! Break my heart, where did that little baby go?!

2 thoughts on “6 Months Old

  1. AHHHH, how is he so big already?!?! Cute pictures!!! (Glad to know the end of the spitting up could be soon for us…went through SEVEN outfit changes today).

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