8 Months Old!

Drewbie Drewbie Drew.  I am so sorry that we keep coming up with ways to lengthen your name.  I am already starting to worry about how we can fit your entire name on the back of your high school letter jacket.  Because you’ll let me do that, right?

You are the happiest kid.  I used to think people were lying when they’d say their kids would wake up happy every day.  But now I know your older brother is just unique.  (A pint sized version of your mother, I might add…).  You are grinning ear to ear each time I get you from your crib in the morning or from a nap.  You wake up in the 7:00 hour and sometimes go back to sleep or just happily play with your Scout bear.  We usually get you around 8 and sometimes I wonder how long you’d actually stay in there before you start crying!  For the past month or so you’ve been very predictable with sleep with makes life so much easier (here I go jinxing myself). You typically sleep from 10am-12pm and 2-3:30pm during the day and about 7pm – 8am at night.  And did I mention you’re always happy about it?

Cue Hallelujah chorus.

Drew, this month…

-you are standing everywhere!  You pull yourself up on anything and everything.  You haven’t quite mastered how to move around furniture or toys but I’m sure that will come soon enough.

-you are into everything.  We never really had to childproof for Jake.  He never bothered electrical outlets, trinkets, cords, etc.  YOU, mister Drew, bother them!  This has thrown us for a loop because we’re constantly having to keep an eye on you.  You put everything in your mouth (seriously, everything) and are everywhere.  If you’re in a good mood you will just crawl off on your own and I’ll find you playing by yourself in the playroom or wondering around the kitchen.  This is a completely foreign concept to me!

-you are starting to wear size 6-9 month clothes but honestly that’s just because I’m getting tired of the 3-6 month outfits.  They’re still a little big on you :)
-you are wearing size 3 diapers

-you are the cutest.  I mean, really.

-you are always climbing up on our legs.  This is the view I get a lot during the day!

Anyone notice the orange nose??  It’s a little better now but someone reeeallllly likes his sweet potatoes.  We’ve had to cut back :)
-you nurse 4 times a day and eat solids 3 times a day.  This month you tried yogurt, cheese, graham crackers, lil’ smokies, waffles, cheerios, and ritz crackers.  You are getting really good at picking food up with your hands.  You’re also really good at making a big mess!

Clearly the picture taking is getting a little harder for your mama…

So sweet

And um…someone got jealous of all the picture taking and kicked you out of the chair to give his own super charming face.  (He’s eating a sucker, by the way.  Dang you Valentine’s Day!)

I realized the other day that you really are a quiet kid.  To be fair, someone else doesn’t give you much of a chance to say anything!  You are most vocal in your high chair and right before bath time.  Your favorite sounds are “babababababababababababa” and “yayayayayayayaya”.  The beginnings of very insightful thoughts, I’m sure.

I am so sad we’re getting closer to a year!  It’s been a fun month and I love this age so much more than the newborn stage (sorry, but true).  We are so proud of your accomplishments and are lucky to call you our Drew!  We love you!

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