9 Months Old

Drew you are 9 months old!  To sum it up: super cute, super fast, and into everything!

You are always on the move.  You crawl so fast you start to sweat.  It’s hard work keeping up with Jake!

You eat great (still more than Jake), you sleep great (2 naps a day, 12 hours at night), and you are an all-around happy kid.  I’ve discovered you have to be more flexible with a second child and you make it pretty easy!

You explore the house on your own and I find you in the funniest places.  You love riding our horse lately and have started “dancing” to the music on your singing stage.  You’ve got the “back-and-forth-sway” down!

You’ve had quite a bit of separation anxiety the past couple months.  It’s been a struggle getting you to stay in the church nursery (we get paged almost every week) but we will keep trying!  You are also super obsessed with Daddy right now.  As soon as he gets home from work you want him to hold you and you get your feelings hurt as soon as he puts you down!

You’ve started taking a couple steps when pushing your walkers.  Jake was all over the house at this point with the walkers but you are a bit more cautious.  I have a feeling it won’t be long though!

(Clearly you’re a bit more eager to participate in the group pictures)

You are wearing 6-9 month clothes and size 3 diapers.

You had a great 9 month check up this week and were 17 lbs 10 oz (15%!) and 28.25 inches (40%).  This is only about a pound smaller than Jake was at 1 year so you’ll probably be a little bigger.  I was shocked you had gained so much weight – you’ve always been in the 5th percentile up until now so we are glad you’re growing!

You are on antibiotics for your 3rd ear infection right now.  You’re such a sport.  Besides swatting at your ear and a little extra fussiness, you would never know you were sick.

You eat almost everything.  You definitely eat a lot more table food now and are less interested in baby food.  Your dream come true would be to be stuck in a room full of Nutri-grain bars, graham crackers, and cheese!

I mean really.  You get cuter all the time.

You’re into absolutely everything.  Jake never bothered that much as a baby but you put everything into your mouth.  EVERYTHING.  You especially love power cords so we have to be careful with that!

Oh how you love your Daddy!  Makes my heart melt.

Don’t worry, Jake was hugging, not strangling you!

I just wanted the two of you to sit and smile for a picture in your Superman shirts but you boys had different plans.  Story of my life! :)

You’ve had a really great month and we’ve been so lucky to have you as part of our family!  You still don’t do great in the car but it’s a small price to pay for being in a great mood the rest of the time.  We love you Drewbie Drew!

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