Drew – 13 Months

Drew, 13 months has come and gone.  I feel like you’ve grown up a lot this past month.  You are starting to understand more and are trying harder to communicate!  This age is both fun and hard…I love seeing it a second time around.
You weigh 20.6 lbs and are getting bigger everyday!  You’re now wearing size 12-18 month clothes, a size 4 diaper, and size 3 shoes.

You have 9 teeth now.  This includes 2 random molars that have come in on top (plus the top front 4 and 3 in bottom front).

You have yet another ear infection.  This is really the only type of “sickness” you’ve had and I feel terrible because you have them all the time!  You have a check up in a few weeks and if it’s still there we will go see an ENT.  I thought this was the saddest picture.  We were outside playing last week and you just laid your ear on this chair while Jake played.
You are such a cuddlebug and love to snuggle with us.  You love to give hugs and kisses, wave goodbye, clap, and can sign “all done”.  

You have the cutest curls in the world!  I might cry the day we have to cut these off!  They really start to get crazy when you are sweating or outside.  And on that note, you love to go outside!
You’ve started to develop a little “temper” this month.  If you don’t get something you want, you will scream until Mommy gives in.  And you usually want toothbrushes, chapstick, water bottles, or my food.  Sometimes you will even “tripod” on the floor with your head on the ground for a couple seconds.  You’re still young enough for this to be cute. :)

You are so so busy.  You are always hot or sweating because you move so much.  Here I caught a rare shot of you sitting still. :)
You say “mama”, “dada”, “uh-oh”, “dog”, “Tucker”, and “bath”.  I really think you might have said “Jake” yesterday but am not sure…
You loooooove dogs.  You point and shriek “DA!” when you see one (or any other animal).  It’s so cute.
You definitely love to eat.  The only thing you don’t like is fruit (but you will eat applesauce).  You will touch it to your lips, make a bad face, and throw it on the floor.  Crazy kid.  You LOVE little smokies, grilled cheese, hot dogs, mac & cheese, yogurt, beans, and pretty much everything else we eat.
You still have some separation anxiety but will immediately go to mommy, daddy, Nana, Nonnie, Aunt Kim, and Miss Gloria (your Sunday school teacher.  You and Jake have both LOVED her.)  Let’s hope this gets better soon!
You aren’t walking yet but are so close.  You will walk between pieces of furniture or will take a couple steps before falling down and crawling.  You are standing independently for longer periods of time now as well.  I’m afraid that when you do start walking it will quickly turn into running!
Drewbie, you are such a sweet little boy!  Just stop growing up quite so fast.

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