Drew – 14 Months

Also known as, better late than never!
Drew is growing up way too fast before our very eyes.  Unfortunately more of it will be documented in our memories than on camera!  Oops.  Now I know why my mom only has 1 picture of my youngest sister growing up.

I kid.  She has 3.
Drew finally starting walking this month and is getting more confident everyday.  He still walks with his arms up to balance him like a little kangaroo…or dinosaur.  It’s so funny.  He weighs around 21 pounds and has a little belly to rival a sumo wrestler.  He’s starting to wear 18 month clothes and it still hangs out of his shirts!  It’s safe to say this guy will probably be bigger than his older brother.  He is already starting to wear clothes that Jake was wearing when Drew was born.

We are finally getting a taste of what it’s like to have a true toddler.  Jake did pretty good in terms of not destroying our house…mostly because he was always attached to my hip.  But now, Seth will get home from work and find cups, toothbrushes, bags of chips (maybe they shouldn’t be on the lowest shelf in my pantry), toilet paper, and the like all over.  Drew also throws things away, dips his hand in the toilet, feeds the dogs, and thinks our lotion bottles work like the squeeze applesauce pouches.
But he’s just so cute doing all of it.

The boys were so funny the other night and started posing by the front door.  Everytime I tell Drew to “say cheese”, he closes his eyes.

Drew now says mama, dada, nana, nanu (Jake??), dog, cat, cow, duck, uh oh, “sh” (shoe), and can moo, quack, and roar.  He also understands things like “Give that to ___” or “Go put this in the trash!” (his favorite)

These boys fight half the day and love each other the other half.  I feel like a referee sometimes.

Jake starts school in a couple weeks so I am anxious to get more alone time with Drew.  He is always so happy but is now getting difficult if we are running errands.  Mostly because he wants to do the “running” part and not the “errands”.  He moved to the walkers room at church and has done great in a bigger room with kids his own age.  
Drew also has a little bit of a temper but I’m hoping it is mild in comparison to someone else we know…
I like seeing a second child grow up because I know what to expect next.  I love the transition from 1 yr to 2 yrs and I can’t wait for all the fun we’ll have with Drew!

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