Drew is 4 Months Old!

Drew buddy, you are 4 months old!! We had your 4 month check up yesterday and minus a little cold, everything looked great! Shots were a bit dramatic and there were tears for probably 20 minutes but as the doctor said, “You just have TWO kids with tempers now!”


You are:

12 lbs 6 oz (5th percentile)
25 1/4 in (55th percentile
HC: 16.5 (60th percentile)

You weigh less than Jake did at this age, but are over an inch longer! I guess you’re our basketball player. (If you want to see Jake’s 4 month post, click here)

Actually, it was fun to go back and read Jake’s post just now, because I realized y’all are/were doing the exact same things!

You also:

Loooove those feet! You always have them in your mouth or somewhere close…talk about flexibility!

Wear size 3-6 month clothes

Wear size 2 diapers

Eat (on average) every 3.5 hours

Are always grinning ear to ear!

Love watching big brother play

Are starting to grab onto toys and becoming more interested in your surroundings. You’re also becoming more distracted when you eat!

You don’t protest if someone wants to hold you. In fact, you probably prefer it. Both sweet and difficult for mommy sometimes!

Are taking 3, sometimes 4 naps a day

Sleep from about 7:30-8pm to 6ish in the morning

Are swaddle free – yea!

Are still sleeping in our room but actually slept in your own room last night. You did great and slept soundly from 7pm – 5:30am. Then went back to sleep until 8:30 after I fed you. Here’s hoping we can make some progress with this!

You are definitely a sounder sleeper than older brother!

To compare, here is Jake at 4 months old. I think you have more hair and your eyes are maybe a different shape?

And since nobody believes that you ever cry:

Pictures are not always your most favorite thing! :)

Drew, you are so easy going and mostly just go with the flow. It’s a little harder to have a set schedule with you since Jake is always on-the-go. But we do the best we can and it seems like you’re ok with that for now! You’re even doing tons better in your carseat. But every once in awhile, you like to let us know that you have a set of lungs and need just as much attention as big brother! You are such a sweet baby and we love you so much!

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