Drew is (Almost) 18 Months

Oh Drewbie.

You are giving us a run for our money.

You are nearly 18 months and have become so fun and such a handful.  You have strong opinions and scream your head off when you don’t get what you want.  But you also get the biggest smile everytime you see us, wake up in a great mood, giggle uncontrollably over the smallest things, and give lots of good snuggles.

How can we resist?

You are approx 25 lbs, wear 12-18 month clothes, and a size 5 shoe and diaper.

You still don’t talk a whole lot but we’ve seen good improvement since you got your ear tubes.  You say “mama”, “dada”, “nah nah” (also means dada), “ball”, “book”, “crackuh” (cracker), “ish” (fish), “oosh” (shoes), “isk” (Jake), “tucker”, “dog”, “duck”.
We can tell you understand most of what we say and follow instructions well and say “eh eh eh eh eh eh eh” (get the picture?) and point at anything else you can’t say.

You can point to your eyes, ears, nose, mouth, tongue, arms, legs, knees, hands, fingers, toes, feet, tummy, and bottom.

Your favorite books are “Wheels on the Bus”, “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt”, and “Dogs”.

Your favorite show (you watch one with Jake during breakfast) is definitely Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or the Baby Einstein farm animals DVD

Your favorite song is Old McDonald.  If you are screaming in the car, you almost always stop if I sing this.  The problem is that I can’t sing it for 4 hours straight!

You sleep 12-13 hours at night and take one nap a day for 2-3 hours.

You are pure joy.

(For a peek of Jake at 18 months, click here)

Poor baby has had an upper respiratory infection, stomach bug, and now an ear infection (um hello, tubes?) in the past few weeks.  Luckily Jake has mostly stayed healthy but we hate seeing Drew feel so bad!  Here’s hoping we got all the germs out of our system so December can be a happy month!

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