Drew – Two Months Old


You are two months old! How this has happened already is beyond me. On one hand, I reeeallly don’t want you to get big. But on the other hand, it sure will be a little easier! I know your big brother is dying to have a live-in playmate. Tucker can only stand it for so long…

At 2 months you are…

10 lbs (10-25%)

23 inches (50-75%)

15.5 cm head circumference (25-50%)

You weigh about the same as Jake was at 2 months but are an inch longer. I think you will be our tall skinny boy!

You are also…

- super smiley

– the happiest right after milk (no surprise there)

-wearing 0-3 month clothes

-wearing size 1 diapers but these are quickly getting too small!

-taking Zantac 3 times a day for reflux. Whether it’s helping or not is still undetermined…

“Well hello there!”

-taking 5-6 naps a day that are 1.5 -2 hours in length. I have enacted what I’ll call “Mama-law” and do not let anyone near you when you are sleeping!! If you are bothered, picked up, moved, etc you wake up and it’s not always easy to get you back to sleep!

-eating roughly every 3 hours

-apparently sitting up in your Bumbo!

-rolling from your tummy to your back (started around 6 weeks…much earlier than brother)

-you have been waking up once in the middle of the night to eat (around 3 or 4am) but have slept through the night the past 3 nights (10pm – 8am)! I’m not getting my hopes up yet because these were all nights after 1) crying all day and 2) shots, but hey, it was much appreciated!!

-do not like your carseat if it is in the car! Hopefully Jake will be able to entertain you soon.

-enjoy your swing, bouncy seat, playmat, and boppy. Again, like your brother, you don’t enjoy being held for a long time.

-have been to the church nursery twice and did great!

-have taken one bottle and turned your nose up at the rest.

look how tiny you are!

You are such a joy and we cannot WAIT to see what things are like next month! I am so excited to see you and your brother interact and hope you will be the best of friends!

For comparison, here is Jake at 2 months old.

A lot of people say you look the same but I think you two are very different. I mean, you look related, but definitely aren’t identical.

We’re so proud of you Drew!


Mommy and Daddy

2 thoughts on “Drew – Two Months Old

  1. Drew’s smile is incredibly sweet!
    three times a day zantac? phew! Is it liquid or a dissovable tablet? E’s is the tablet, which adds a level of difficulty.

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