Drew’s 1st Birthday Party

We had Drew’s 1st birthday party on Saturday afternoon at a local “sprayground” here in The Woodlands.  We figured the only way we could get away with an outdoor party in June was if water was involved!  I regret not taking more pictures of the actual party set-up so you will just have to use your imagination – oops.

My favorite invitation designer from Etsy made Drew’s invite.  She has done all our birthday invitations, birth announcements, and Christmas cards and is cheap (plus I think I get a discount because we use her so often!)  Check out the Proffitt Productions shop on Etsy.  She can make anything you want!
The birthday boy’s throne – it says “I am 1″

The birthday banner with giraffe paper to go along with our zoo theme.

This is so hard to read but we had “Shades for your Safari” and “Treats for the Little Zookeepers”.  My friend Jessie made the cutest zoo animal cookies that we gave out as party favors.  She worked so hard on them and I didn’t even take individual pictures of them – makes me so mad!!!  But they tasted awesome and the kids loooved them.

Cupcakes from the Anderle Cocina (what, you haven’t heard of it?  Fabulous new bakery in North Houston!) and cute cupcake toppers also from Etsy.

The kids had a blast playing in the splashpad.  The parents all tried to steer clear but most of us ended up wet anyway.  And a little part of me wants to go back and run through it when nobody’s looking!

Nana braved the danger zones and walked around with Drew.

Some of the dads, obviously super involved in playtime…

I was so happy that Jake and all his friends had a great time too!  Jake is usually a little iffy about crowded areas.  I don’t blame him.

And of course the birthday boy had a blast!

The beginning of a brotherly tackle…I am in trouble, folks.

We don’t have many pictures of just us and Drew!  We were so proud of him on his special day!  He did awesome.

Family picture…Jake just wanted a cupcake and Drew just wanted the balloons.

Remember how Drew reacted to his birthday muffin?

He was just as offended by his birthday cupcake.  
Major fail.
(I should also add that when we did his 1 year pictures last week, we added a “cake smash” portion at the end and had the same reaction.  Who doesn’t like cake??)

Mommy had to rescue him from the highchair and Drew actually ended up eating a couple bites of cupcake later on.  To compare the boys, we had to strip Jake naked at his 1st birthday because he was covered in cake.  Funny how he would never let that happen now!

Macie and Jack having a great time!

We were so glad old friends and new friends could all join us to celebrate Drew!  Love the Bayles!

Jessie, Bailey, and Kyle. 

We were also glad Andrea and Sara could make the drive from Huntsville!

Grandpa, Drew, Aunt Rachel, and Uncle Michael.  Notice none of them look wet…

Jake and Noah sharing a special hug!
I don’t know how I don’t have more pictures of our family, seeing as I took over 150 but I promise Nonnie & Popo and Uncle Kyle & Aunt Emily were there playing too!  The boys were in hog heaven having so much family in town!
After the party we came home to open presents.  Jake had a hard time with this part…

…so he took the liberty of opening most presents.

Both boys loved Drew’s new trampoline!

And this play tunnel was a HUGE hit. Way to go Emily & Kyle!  

Is anyone still reading??  We are so blessed by all the family and friends that love our little boys!  We had such a great weekend, and for once, it really wasn’t a stressful party.  I guess I am just a seasoned veteran by now.  :)

3 thoughts on “Drew’s 1st Birthday Party

  1. Oh man! that looks like so much fun! I wish we could have come. But that splashpark looks awesome. If there arent’ any on the south side of town, we are definately coming up to your place. Elizabeth would love it.

    That trampoline looks super fun, but also super dangerous. I’d be falling off and conking my head!

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