I Cannot Wake This Child Up


It took everything we had to get newborn Jake to sleep.

It’s taking everything I have to get newborn Drew to WAKE UP.

I’m slightly worried for tonight seeing as how this child has literally been sleeping since 11am. He has briefly waken up 2 or 3 times to eat but I’m not even sure he was completely lucid then. He even slept through his check-up at the doctor! We’re just a little speechless because we’re not quite sure how to handle a phenomenon like this.

Perhaps by praying it continues!

Drew’s check-up went great. He is back to his birth weight of 6 lbs, 10 oz (10th percentile) and is still 21 inches long (90th percentile). Yes…long and skinny!

In typical second child fashion, we forgot to give Drew a bath until Saturday night. I’m pretty sure we have given Jake a bath every single day of his life. That reminds me…he’s probably due for another one in a minute…

We read books in Jake’s room before bed. He insisted on sitting in my lap and seemed ok to share the space with his brother. Compared to the baby, Jake looks like a monster!

Being sweet to his brother! He loves to look at him in the bouncy seat. This morning we were playing in our playroom and when I was in there he would completely ignore Drew. Then if I got up, he would run over there the second I turned my back. It was so funny!

He always sleeps like this. His hands were always up by his face in the ultrasounds and I guess it’s just habit now! So sweet.

I love Jake’s face here – ha! Like…”I’m interested in this new guy but I don’t really want to act like it.”

Sweet little boy

Taking in his surroundings. I should warn him to always keep an eye open. You never know when you might get a monster truck in the head!

Jake wanted Drew to sit in his chair when he got home for the hospital. That was right before he almost sat on him.

I could get used to life right after a baby. Having meals brought to us, Seth helping with lots of cleaning (well, he always helps, but still), no real agenda or plans. It’s too bad this can’t go on forever…!

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