11 Months Old

Otherwise known as…why can’t you just sit still so Mommy can take a decent picture???


You are now 11 months old! I’m about to order your birthday party invitations. BIRTHDAY PARTY. At this time last year, I just knew I was about to go into labor. My bags were packed, Daddy was on standby, and yet you decided to stay warm in my tummy (as you should have). We just could not wait to meet you! We never knew we could love someone so much…

– you smile and giggle so much, but it’s another thing to actually catch them on camera. So you’ll just have to take my word for it.

-you weigh around 18 pounds, according to our unofficial bathroom scale.

– you love balloons! We decided to blow some up to let you play with them and everyday they are the first thing you find. These are what enticed you to take your first steps the other night! So far you haven’t taken anymore so I might be blowing up some more balloons pretty soon!

- you are so independent. You can entertain yourself for long periods of time (except when you are teething and want nothing more than to be held!) and are so proud when you figure things out.

- have started saying “Uh oh” (it’s more like “Uh Uh”). You throw something on the floor, look down, and say “Uh Uh!”

-you love opening and closing drawers! We have been working on what “open” and “close” means and I think you have it down. It doesn’t mean that you listen all the time though…

– Are a MONKEY. On the day of this photo shoot (I use the words photo shoot loosely), you had 3 different falls and got a goose egg on your forehead, almost had a black eye, and got a knot on the back of your head. I think your Mama is in trouble!

See? You can’t even sit in the chair! But you did go down feet first which I appreciated.

- you pretty much eat all table food now. I’ll still feed you applesauce and yogurt if you’ll let me. You love almost everything except mashed potatoes and pasta. You eat your fruit and veggies really well and have tried a good variety of our leftovers :)

- you’ve been getting one sippy cup a day while Mommy is at work and have done really well! I hear nothing but good reports so I’m glad this was an easy transition. You gulp down that milk and also love ice water. You actually love anything cold!

- you love to give hugs!

– you are really good at putting things “in” and taking them “out”. This makes your basketball goal, the bathtub, and toy baskets really fun to play with!

- you have started standing on your own for several seconds at a time

- you are starting to wear 12 month clothes, are in size 3 diapers, and size 2 shoes.

- you still go to bed at 7 and get up at 7, sometimes 7:30

- you take two 2 hour naps when it’s a normal day

- of course you still love your dogs! (“Guh’s”)

- you also love my bathroom cabinet. On this particular day you just made yourself right at home. That couldn’t have been comfortable!

Jake, you’ve grown so much in the last month and I cannot fathom what you’ll be doing throughout the fall! We love to see you grow and learn…it literally brings tears to my eyes (the first of many I’m sure!) You are such a special little boy and we love you SO MUCH!


Mommy & Daddy

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