18 Months Old!

Sweet little Jake isn’t so little anymore! He turned 18 months old last week and I can’t believe how much he has grown up since his 1st birthday! I’m almost a little scared for all the changes over the next 6 months!!

Seth and I were just saying tonight how he has really started talking more in the last week or two. He is repeating words like crazy (you know, only the words a mom and dad can truly understand) and trying to use them to his advantage (i.e. “peas! peas! peas!” while pointing to a bag of M&M’s…nice try mister)

I would have to say that 18 months is a fun but challenging age…I’m sure you all would agree. The challenge is even more so when I’m lugging around his little brother! :) Some days are wonderful…other days have me crying inside by the end of the day. Life is frustrating for Jake because he can’t always easily communicate what he wants…or he does and just doesn’t get it. I tell ya, life’s tough kid.

But he is learning by leaps and bounds and we love watching him grow. This blonde-haired, brown-eyed toddler is definitely not the same kid we brought home from the hospital!*

*He really is, I promise.

Jake, at 18 months you…

-have an infectious grin! It’s not always easy to capture on camera, but you have some great smiles!

-love to play with your friends. You are starting to learn all their names and can identify them by pointing. You get super excited if I say we’re going to see Blake, Jack, Luke, Macie, Lexi, etc etc etc

-are also starting to learn how to share. This is completely on your terms right now though. If you’re in the mood to share, you will. If not…

-have increased your vocabulary dramatically! You say (again people, the common ear might not understand all these…):

Mama, Dada, Tucker (tuh-tuh), Maggie (Gaga?), please (peas), excuse me (scuuuuz), dog, Mickey (Mimi), Buzz (yes, Lightyear!), Luke (uke), baby, big boy (bi-bo), uh oh (you abuse this), milk (miiiiiik), more (mah), juice (uce), out (can’t begin to type how it sounds), up, shoes (soos), socks (sos), ball (bah), baseball (bee-bah)

You also make animal sounds for dogs, cows, chickens, ducks, and monkeys

-you can identify your: nose, eyes, ears, mouth, teeth, hair, fingers, toes, feet, arms, and tummy.

-you can correctly point out certain people and animals in pictures. I was super impressed the other day when I asked where the zebra was and you showed me!

-even though you can’t verbally say a ton, you understand so much. And all of a sudden you’ve started signing “more” with a vengeance. Mostly in relation to things you don’t need “more” of :) -have slept for 4 nights in your “big boy” room (even though you’re still in a crib) and have napped there as well. There have been no problems so far adjusting to the new room and we are so glad! We ask where your big boy room is and you run down the hall to your new one. We’ve kept the nursery door shut in hopes that it will soon be forgotten and replaced by your cool new baseball room!

Sidenote: Mom & Dad’s greatest joy in the room change is now being able to flush our toilet at will (because our bathroom backs up to the nursery). I know many of you are gasping in shock but the one thing (well, besides the phone ringing) that wakes Jake up is a toilet being flushed. So I typically don’t flush the toilet during naps or early in the morning. How he can sleep through crazy dog barking, TV, vacuum, laundry, dishes, etc etc and have a little “flush” wake him up is beyond me.

-love babies. The jury is still out on whether or not you will love our real-live baby come summer but you love to kiss babies in your books, in pictures, etc.

-wear size 12-18 month clothes, size 4 or 5 shoes, and size 4 diapers

-have 12 teeth (waiting on your incisors to come in)

-weigh 22.8 pounds and are probably about 31-32 inches long

-love to watch you some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! You were kind enough to share your chair with Blake this particular time. You forego your cute little Pottery Barn chair and instead use it as a stepstool to get in the recliner. A kid who knows what he wants!

-love to copy what mommy and daddy do. It’s so funny how much you pick up on. Brushing teeth, brushing hair, putting on makeup, cologne, shaving, etc
-spend a lot of time outside. We usually stay in most of the morning and play with puzzles, books, trucks, etc but after naptime you are ready to run!
-still wake up very grumpy. It probably takes you 30 minutes to wake up and actually be in a pleasant mood. Most of the day’s crying is around breakfast and when you wake up from your nap.
-Take about a 3 hour nap (12-3ish)…you have been pretty consistent with this and your Mama is so grateful!
-sleep from about 7:30pm to 7:30 or 8am (also grateful for this!)
-love when you can sit like a big boy at the table. This is usually when I decide to fight other battles but something about your high chair is turning you off right now.
-still don’t enjoy being in your carseat past the 15 minute mark. This makes running errands or leaving town super enjoyable…
-do NOT enjoy getting dressed and are not afraid to show me your opinion about what I’ve picked out. Mostly with the choice of shoes. We go back and forth between tennis shoes, crocs, sandals, etc etc
-do not eat super well. It comes in spurts but in a typical day you will eat: waffle (breakfast), 1/2 sandwich and maybe some fruit (lunch), Nutri-grain bar (snack), and maybe pick around at dinner. How you live on all 12 of those calories is beyond me!
-are very picky about how your food is served. I’m afraid you might be picking up on some OCD from your Mama! You get very angry if I put your cup down on the left side of your plate, versus the right…you do NOT like to get fruit on your plate before any type of starch…will sometimes eat certain things whole but get mad if I cut them up (or vice versa)…get tired of foods very quickly (heaven forbid we have grapes 2 days in a row!).
-eat pretty well with a fork and spoon. Messes still happen but you love being able to feed yourself. Oh and you love to dip things in ketchup! Who wouldn’t??
I’m sure I’ve forgotten so much but this is just a (long) glimpse into how life is at 18 months old for you, Jake. You have some big changes coming over the next several months…a baby brother, starting preschool, preparing for your 2nd birthday! We know you will be a great big brother and will love having a playmate around soon enough. We are so proud of what you have accomplished and can’t wait to see what else is in store!
We love you so much!
Mommy & Daddy

3 thoughts on “18 Months Old!

  1. ha! that is so funny about his food! he’s too little to have opinions about food placement, right?! and it is amazing how much they pick up on- i have never once brushed noah’s hair bc there isn’t enough but the second he sees my brush within arms length he goes to work on his hair!

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