1st Easter Egg Hunt

This past Sunday, Jake went on his 1st Easter egg hunt with some of his friends. Our Sunday school class got together at the park after church for lunch and to enjoy the beautiful (albeit, sorta hot) weather!

Since the age range of the kids varied, I knew Jake had to bring his A-game. While maybe not quite as speedy as I’d hoped (one egg would’ve been good enough for him!), he made it home with 12 eggs full of Easter goodies!

Making sure nobody came after his loot

Mom, this is serious. Stop with the pictures!

Adding more to his collection

Eyeing Sophia’s eggs…now that he had the hang of it, he wanted to start taking them away from other kids. Smart and cunning!

We spent the rest of the afternoon playing with everyone. Jake looooves following Macie around. I never pinned him as one to chase the older girls so we might be in trouble :) And of course Macie loved having someone to order around.

(Don’t worry, that was a supervised trip into the woods)

Fighting with Lexi. Well, Jake was fighting at least. Lexi heard “say cheese” and gave us her best grin!

Just for reference, here are the two of them from last year’s egg hunt. So much changes in a year!!

Another one from last year.
Beckett, Blake, Jack, & Jake)

Last year they had no option but to sit. This year they are all MUCH quicker on their feet!

This cracked me up. Blake is mad at his brother for not giving him a turn and Jack doesn’t seem a bit concerned!

Having fun on the seesaw with Daddy

I am so excited for Jake to learn more about the Easter holiday and why we celebrate this special occasion. That it’s more than just eggs, candy, a creepy bunny, and presents. That he has a Savior who loves him and went through the unthinkable so that Jake and all the rest of us can have eternal life. Praise God!

I don’t know if I’ll blog again before this weekend so I hope everyone has a safe and fun Easter holiday with your family and friends!!
“…He is risen from the dead…”
Matthew 28:7

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