2 Year Check Up

Jake had a great 2 year check up on Monday. His stats were:

26.3 lbs (30th percentile – he has been in the 5th percentile for weight at every well check before this one!)
33.75 inches (40th percentile)

At least all those fruit snacks are good for something! :)

He also got 2 shots and did MUCH better than we were expecting. He started crying as soon as he got the first shot but as the second one was going in, I pulled out some fruit snacks and he immediately started smiling. Shots forgotten.

And because we are suckers, we took him to get ice cream afterward for being so brave.

I’m not even positive he’s had ice cream before, but like his mama, he devoured it with finesse. Actually, that was MY ice cream in the picture but he decided that Reeses Pieces looked better than the chocolate syrup topping I got for him. Ugh, the sacrifices you have to make as a parent!

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