5 Months Old!


How is it that you’re already 5 months old? It makes us want to cry! Not sad tears, but proud ones! We are amazed at how much you learn and how you soak up the world around you. It truly is a blessing to see you grow!

At 5 months you:

-eat 5 times a day
-take 3 (sometimes 4) naps. The first two are about 2 hours each and the next two about 45 minutes each
-go to bed around 7:15-30 and waking up around 6-6:15
-eat rice cereal in the evenings
-are sitting up on your own for a couple minutes at a time!
-love listening to music
-LOVE your lovey blanket. You love to rub it all over your face!
-still roll easily from your tummy to back…you don’t care to roll back over to your tummy though
-always smile so big when you take a nap/go to bed
-are possibly teething. Your hands are always in your mouth!
-still have pretty blue eyes
-weigh approx 14 lbs
-wear 3-6 month clothes (but I am discovering you still fit into several 0-3 month outfits)
-wear size 2 diapers
-are ALL smiles!!

We love you so much and know that 6 months is right around the corner! We don’t take one minute with you for granted!!

What’s not to be happy about?? Love that face!
Don’t need the Bumbo to sit anymore!
Love this precious smile!!

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