7 Months Old…aka Mama’s Boy

7 Months Old.

Over halfway to 1 YEAR OLD.

Have we begun the birthday party talks? You betcha!

As you can see, pictures these days are full of drool, movement, and goofy faces!

What in the world is this sticker on my clothes??
I’d rather chew on something…

There’s a cute boy!

Jake, at 7 months you:

-sleep from about 6:45pm to 7am

-are down to 2 (2-2.5 hour naps) a day

-will not take an afternoon nap if you miss your morning nap. That makes for FUN DAYS.

-get milk 4 (sometimes 5) times a day and have solids 3 times a day

-love love love bananas!

-are obsessed with Puffs. You can almost feed them to yourself. Well, you pick them up, jam your fist in your mouth, and sometimes they make it in. :)

-are teething big time. Everyday I say your bottom 2 teeth are about to come in. Everyday they don’t.

-have started making more sounds. “G” is a big one right now (as in…”guh” not “geee”). You say “guh guh guh!!!” when you see the dogs! I’m almost convinced it’s your version of “dog” because you only do it when you see them.

-are a major, big time mama’s boy. Even though I love this, I swear I didn’t do it on purpose. We had quite a dramatic weekend with you screaming everytime someone tried to hold you besides mama. Let’s work on this.

-are taking your baths in the big boy bathtub and love splashing around!

-are wearing size 3 diapers

-are wearing size 6-9 month clothes but size 1 (0-3 mos) shoes. Basically we’re working on proportions right now. :)

-are around 15 1/2 pounds

-don’t have any interest in crawling but can sit and stand (holding onto something) for long periods of time.

I can’t think of anything else right now but I’m sure there’s so much more. When people see you in person they always say, “he looks so small!”. But you are growing good! You’ve made a full recovery from the “month of sickness” and have gained back the weight you lost during that time. Wahoo! We can’t wait to see what’s in store for this next month!

Here are some more pictures I wanted to share. I’m getting a little behind on blogging these days…

Jake got to play with Sara last week. She is 2 months old and nearly as long as him – ha! And please don’t judge. This was just before bathtime…he makes way too much of a mess at dinnertime to keep his clothes on!

Loving his veggies

Someone has learned how to stick his tongue out. He thinks it’s hilarious. I didn’t teach him this!

aka the case of the droopy drawers…

2 thoughts on “7 Months Old…aka Mama’s Boy

  1. Hi, I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, I found it on the Yartym’s. I just wanted to tell you I think Jake is adorable. I have a little peanut on my hands too. I love seeing all the pictures. lol, we have the droopy drawers problem also!:)

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