9 Months Old


At this point, you have been OUT of my tummy as long as I knew you were IN my tummy! When we found out we were pregnant with you on February 1, 2009, I thought the pregnancy test must be wrong and went back to bed! I was in such a state of shock that I didn’t even know what to think.

Well, I know what I think now! And I KNOW that we love you more than we ever thought we could. You are pure joy. You definitely have the independent, strong-willed, “first-child” attitude from your Mama and Daddy and we love that about you. You are such a happy little boy and we love your giggles! You are soaking up so much now and I feel like you learn new things every day. We even miss you when you’re sleeping and can’t wait for you to wake up so we can play with you again. We are so LUCKY to call you our son.

You had a great 9 month check up…you didn’t have any shots but had your finger pricked to check your iron levels. Not surprisingly, there were more tears from when I had to put your clothes back on then when your finger was pricked. You are a piece of work. :)

Your “stats” were:

16 lbs 10 oz (3%)
27 inches (10-25%)
17 3/4 in head circumference (25-50%)

Otherwise known as perfect!

At 9 months you…

- do not sit still…
(You’re about to fall off the couch trying to get to Tucker. Don’t worry, this is all supervised photography!)

- are pretty darn cute

- are EVERYWHERE! You love to crawl around and follow us into other rooms. My favorite part is when it’s bathtime…we undress you in your room and then you crawl naked to the bathtub. We should probably video this. :)

-Wear 6-9 month clothes

– Wear size 3 diapers

- love getting lots of attention (where in the world do you get this from??)

– put everything in your mouth

– don’t like stickers on your clothes.

- hate getting your diaper changed. It’s probably the most traumatic time of the day for you. Second to putting your clothes on, that is.

- are still pretty clingy to Mom & Dad. You’re getting more comfortable though with people you’re familiar with.

- love watching other babies!

- love to feed yourself. We’re having to slowly transition you to table food (stop growing up!) because you aren’t a fan of being spoon-fed anymore.

- love to eat grapes, graham crackers, cheerios, cheese, peas, peaches, bananas…basically anything you can pick up yourself.

- say “Dada”, “Mama”, “Guh” (we think that means dog), and “Ba” (ball)

- are starting to wave “bye”!

- have learned how to sign “more”…except you use it a little overzealously when you want the graham crackers…

- love your Tonka truck

– like to climb. Sometimes I catch you trying to hang from the table. Basically, we’re in trouble!

– love to stand. You will walk around holding onto our hands and think this is pretty funny.

– are easily distracted!

As you can see, your 9 month “photo shoot” was about as successful as your 8 month shoot. And I don’t think I’ll get my hopes up for months 10, 11, and (sob) 12!

Keep growing and learning…we can’t wait to see how you change this next month!


Mama & Daddy

4 thoughts on “9 Months Old

  1. jake the superstar! i can’t believe how much he can do and say! and i’m sad that he will probably cry if i try to hold him because i haven’t seen him in so long :(

  2. If Paula thinks he will cry when she holds him then he will SCREAM if I ever get to hold him again – so sad!! Wish we didnt live so far away from each other!

    I CANT BELIEVE that he is 9 months old – Crazy!!!

    He is such a handsome little guy – I think you might have your hands full when he gets older Mary!!! :)


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