A Coughing Good Time!

Well we may still be coughing, but it hasn’t stopped Jake from having lots of fun this past week! The doctor says we’re sharing some sort of virus and now I think it’s a mix of that and allergies. Super fun times, let me tell ya.

First, let’s look at a slightly inefficient way to bathe your children…

6 hands trying to scrub 50 fingers and 50 toes? No problem!
Jack, Blake, Jake, Lexi, & Macie.

Otherwise known as…blackmail.

Oooh I really hope some of these kids get married one day…I’d love these in their wedding slideshow!

Note – the girls daddy wasn’t thrilled about this “situation” but don’t worry…Jake was a perfect gentleman.

Blake wasn’t too happy about the group bath. Shortly after, Jake & Lexi joined in. Have you ever listened to 3 screaming children in one bathroom? It’s loud.

Next, Jake & Tucker have really been focusing on their friendship. They are inseparable. Jake was playing with some toys while I went in the kitchen…I came back in the living room to find this:

A dog collar is the perfect toy!

Jake loves to pet Tucker dog.

Are you seeing a trend? It’s ridiculous! (And cute)

Reading, what else?

Jake played with Beckett a couple weeks ago and Beckett figured out the perfect set-up for the two of them.

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