A Walk in the Park

Yesterday we had a fun day at the park with several families from our Sunday School class. We are lucky to have such great friends and right now there are lots of little ones running/crawling/rolling around!

Jake has been a little fussier than usual lately…we think he’s cutting a tooth. But then again, we’ve thought the same thing for the past month! It was good to get him outside to enjoy the fresh air…he is always happy outside! Typical boy.
Jake didn’t waste any time making the moves on sweet Lexi. She’s obviously got a few inches on him but we promised her parents a growth spurt before the wedding. You know how girls are touchy about wearing their heels!

The next few pictures are brought to you by a bunch of cute little boys and the GAP.

Blake, Jack, & Jake with Beckett (wishing he had his own hat). I guess this is a pretty good picture of the 4 of them considering 3 out of 4 are pretty mobile!

Best buddies!

…and off they go

Dear GAP,

Please feel free to send us some giftcards or apparel for our impromptu marketing campaign.

Your friend and faithful customer,


Lexi and all her pink didn’t quite fit in
Look at my handsome boys! Jake was having fun grilling hot dogs with Daddy.

Guess I had a little more fun on the slide than the kids

Staying warm…also known as “my parents are too cheap to buy me my own jacket”. Maybe we’ll get him one with our new GAP giftcards…

Hint, hint.

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