All Smiles!

It is a rare day that Jake is awake for a long period of time and HAPPY. But this morning when I was getting ready, I heard all sorts of noises coming from our bouncy seat. And this is what I saw:

Who knew that seat could be so fun?? He usually is a little happier when people aren’t messing with him, so I just let him be and he “played” in his chair for a good hour…awake and happy! It was so precious.
Jake is also attracted to bright lights. He loves to stare at the light-up aquarium in his crib and apparently he also likes to stare at…

…the TV…
Great. This is exactly what I didn’t want to happen!
p.s. I don’t know why the TV says “crunchy”. I’m going to go ahead and say it was a Taco Bell commercial??

Daddy & Jake hanging out

Watching Mommy make her lunch

Jake also got to spend some time with his Grandpa this weekend. I’m not sure how much he’ll remember because he was in hysterics most of the time, but hey…everyone’s allowed a bad day, right?? He just hopes his Grandpa will still want to visit again :)

6 thoughts on “All Smiles!

  1. Love that last pic!

    I have a brilliant idea for you. Put up your Christmas tree. Add TONS of lights. Turn off all the lights in the living room. Put him in his bouncy seat in front of the tree. Magic. Seriously.

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