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Well hey, here I am! We’re still alive and well. Just failing miserably on the blogging front.

So many things have happened since I last posted! Jake is now walking, reading in both English AND Spanish, counting to 100 (only English), and making his own breakfast in the mornings. It’s amazing how time flys! Maggie & Tucker have also done a wonderful job of raising Jake during the day while we’re at work. Such good dogs!

Let’s see, what else have we been up to…

Seth is such a good dad…he is diligent about practicing “skills” with Jake. Why let him roll around on the floor when we can practice sitting on our own?? The boppy really has so many more uses than it’s marketed for! I always feel guilty after Seth watches him but maybe this is how we feed off each other to be good parents?? :)

One day…one day I will be able to sit up on my own and play with you, fun alphabet spinning toy! For now, I stare.

Please mom. Please. I hate this.

We have taken a temporary hiatus from rice cereal, because Jake quickly lost interest. Maybe in another week or two we’ll try again. He kept getting distracted by his surroundings, his bib, US…basically he was interested in everything BUT the cereal. Bet if I’d given him ice cream it would’ve been a different story. If not…he’s not my child!

Jake was so lucky to have his Nana stay with him for a few days last week! I hear they had loads of fun during the day…full of lots of kisses, I’m sure! And look who conveniently found his “I Love Grandma” outfit in the closet! Jake is blessed to have such wonderful grandparents…they kinda like him too so it works out well.

Oh look, food!
I kinda like this puppy. He doesn’t lick, sniff, or bark at me!

Jake listening to his Valentine’s present from Nonnie & Popo. It’s a really cool book where they can record the words and “read to him” even if they’re not here!

Speaking of Valentine’s Day…it’s not like I took any pictures of Jake on his first holiday of love. That would’ve been silly. Sigh. Maybe we’ll have to reinact it, like we did Halloween. Surely I’ll forget in a few years right?? Seth’s cousin, Avery, was so nice to babysit for us on Friday night while we headed downtown for a nice dinner at Sorrento’s! Seth’s parents had given us a giftcard there, plus Seth’s other cousin Jarad is the manager. We were able to enjoy some wonderful food and were practically treated like royalty.

Jarad, I didn’t notice the red carpet but maybe it was just being cleaned or something. I’m sure we’ll see it next time.

But in all seriousness…sooo nice to get out, just the two of us! In the middle of dinner, Seth looked at me and said, “Mary…we’re PARENTS!” Ha.

Saturday night we celebrated Valentine’s with several of our close friends…we also did this last year and it was a lot of fun! The guys were in charge of the meal and did an awesome job…steaks, twice baked potatoes, fresh green beans, salad…YUM! Sadly, we missed Kim because she has been under the weather, but that just means we’ll have to reinact the same dinner in a few weeks.


And since I’ve started talking and just can’t seem to stop…

I am so proud of Jake because he slept for ELEVEN hours last night! I think he woke up once or twice (my memory is foggy when I’m half asleep) but he quickly put himself back to sleep. I feel horrible having to wake him up in the mornings so we can leave for work, but we try to make up for it with an extra nap during the day.

He is growing so fast, I can’t keep up!

I have the day off for President’s Day (a very important holiday to us) (not really) so Jake is accompanying me to the dentist in an hour. I am slighly apprehensive about how this is going to go. Hopefully they can keep him quiet with a lollipop.

What, can he not have those yet?

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  1. Ezra was the same way with rice cereal. I quickly gave up because it was too much trouble. A few weeks later I just started veggies, and he liked those, so we have been feeding him all the “first foods” since then. Rice cereal is nasty, I wouldn’t want to eat it either.

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