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In the past day or two, Jake has developed an independence of sorts (well, a limited independence anyway) and wants to play by HIMSELF. If you get near, he will hold out his arm as if to say, “Please, just leave me alone”.

Yikes, this started a little earlier than I planned!

Earlier I knew he was in my room but wasn’t sure where he went…

I didn’t see him at first when I walked in the bathroom!

But then I got this dirty look. Like he’s saying, “FOR THE LAST TIME, LEAVE!”

Jake, for the record, you were playing with my nailpolish. You’ll appreciate my removing you from that situation in a few years.

He’s also discovered a new use for his Elmo toolbench and is mesmorized…

He is methodically putting the nails and screws in the different holes…taking them out and moving them around…and doing it again. He especially doesn’t want to be bothered while organizing his tools!!

This is what he did all day! (Well, when he was taking a break from organizing the nail polish of course)

Have I mentioned that Jake thinks his Daddy is awesome?

We started practicing more with plates, forks, and spoons this week. He loves to sit at the table and is proud of his new placemat. Luckily we’ve only had one plate throwing incident (knock on wood) but otherwise Jake has done really well!

Except for his table manners. He has learned how to push himself away from the table with his feet. Every girl’s dream!
So excited to eat off his plate!

Still loves the bath!

And I just had to include this picture…

No, she’s not allowed on the bed. But how do you say no to that??? I love our sweet Maggie girl :)

Tomorrow night begins my 3rd semester as a college professor. Sheesh, I should be getting tenure soon! Luckily (or unluckily…not sure) for my students, I will be 9 months pregnant by the time we take our final. And no, I won’t be teaching a class this summer for anyone who was interested in signing up! Unless you’d like the class to be on sleep training a newborn…

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