Big Boy Bed

Let me begin by saying that this post will be brief. In true Anderle fashion, the fun factor of our morning playgroup has outweighed the fun factor of naptime.   Does this happen to anyone else?

I don’t think so.

Most kids go wear themselves out and sleep all afternoon.  Not mine.  The more fun we have in the morning, the less likely they will sleep afterward.  Then, they spend the rest of the day miserable because they finally realize they are tired.  So hey, at least we’ll have early bedtimes tonight!!

Moving on.  Because I did say this would be brief.

A couple weeks ago we converted Jake’s crib into a big bed.  He had been talking about it a lot and we finally decided we were brave enough to give it a go.  He had a lot of fun helping Daddy “work” in his room!

Bye bye baby bed!

Both boys were, of course, so helpful to Seth!  Drew especially could not focus on anything else besides being in the middle of things.

So happy to have a bed to jump on…in fact, he’s doing it as I type.

I’ve had his bedding since his birthday so I was glad to get it out of the closet!  The side rail cramps the comforter’s style unfortunately.

Now the boys love to play on Jake’s bed when they get up in the morning.  It’s the highlight of Drew’s day!

Jake has done so well in his bed so we’ve been pleasantly surprised!  He is able to get in and out on his own but won’t get out during naptime or until we come get him in the morning.  Thank the good sweet Lord.  One of my fears is waking up in the morning with two little eyes staring at me because you have to admit, it’s kind of creepy.  So I think we are safe until Drew gets in his bed.  Kiddo is already starting to hike his leg up to get out of his crib so I think our little monkey will definitely give us a run for our money!

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