Children’s Museum and Time Out

On New Year’s Eve we headed over to the Woodlands Children’s Museum to let Jake play. We had planned on going to the museum downtown with friends but once we heard about the “ball drop” at 12 noon, we decided we’d rather avoid the crowds! We weren’t there for long before it got pretty crowded, but Jake at least got to explore a little and I think he’d love to go back!

Picking up some groceries for the family
It’s very important work pushing the basket!
He loved this truck play area. They could fill up the trucks with “dirt” (I think it’s some sort of rubber) and drive them around.

Being a fireman of course…can’t you tell this is serious??

The next day we decided to ring in the new year by beginning time out.

Oh stop right there and do not feel sorry for Jake!

He may be young but he knows exactly what he is doing. We had some Christmas presents still in the living room – after not bothering any of the presents under the tree before Christmas, he finally decided to start pulling the bows off. After being told no and removed from the situation several times, Seth put him in time out. We started with 10 seconds and moved to 1 minute. And I am not exaggerating when I say he had to go to time out about 15 times in a row. He would stand in the corner and scream and then as soon as it was over, would turn around with a devilish grin on his face and go pull another bow off. Our friends were dying laughing by this point (I made them shove their faces in the couch cushions so Jake wouldn’t hear!!) because they couldn’t believe how persistent he was. We finally just had to leave the room because he wasn’t learning.

What do you get when you combine 2 independent, strong-willed, hard-headed, stubborn parents?

Just a few discipline issues :)

(No, I didn’t put Seth in time out. If you look closely you can see little Jake standing in the corner and Daddy had to barricade him in there!)

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