Desperate for Entertainment

Yesterday was an insane day to say the least. Let me summarize:

More screaming
Throwing up because crying so hard
Grabbing at Teeth
Not napping at all
Trying to climb out of crib
Tears (maybe from both of us at this point)
Not eating

And so on.

I am just so glad Jake isn’t dramatic. Because the last thing we need around here is a mini-Mary in baby boy form.

Seeing as we were both at our wits end, I opted for some different entertainment. Something Fisher Price and Little Tikes couldn’t offer us.

I present to you…the dog gate.
Jake thought this was awesome! We put the gate up sometimes when Tucker starts overstepping his boundaries during Jake’s playtime

And by overstepping, I mean sitting on top of Jake and/or his toys.

Jake stood at the gate and Tucker licked his fingers from the other side. It was almost like they were getting their prison visitation.

Kindred spirits

Next, we broke out the big mirror.

I sorta feel sorry for other babies now because all Jake wanted to do was lick or hit his reflection. Hopefully he isn’t doing this in the church nursery on Sundays.

Then Dad got home and all was well for a little while…

Actually, this picture wasn’t from yesterday. But why not create an imaginary happy ending?

I think the rest of the day went more like…more screaming, not wanting to eat dinner, not wanting to go to bed, and finally resorting to driving around the neighborhood after we’d given him Tylenol, Motrin, teething tablets, and Oragel.

Dear Sweet Jesus, please let the rest of his teething be painless!!! :)

But back to Jake at the coffee table. This is a new attraction. It’s highly desired because it has remote controls, the baby monitor, cell phones, sometimes a water bottle, and more things he shouldn’t touch.

He is getting so brave at only standing one-handed. He just looks huge in this picture.

Ha! I got your cell phone, Mom! Sucker.
Having fun at the pool with Jessie! He has a love/hate relationship with swimming. He hates the outfit change involved but doesn’t seem to mind the water. Sometimes he loves the float, sometimes he hates it. Very opinionated, aren’t we?

Chewing on the shark toy. As long as we have Mr. Shark, the world is good.
Today has almost been back to normal and everyone is sane again. Here’s hoping the weekend is the same way!

2 thoughts on “Desperate for Entertainment

  1. HAHAHA! I love so many things about this post….namely the prison visit, the licking of the mirror, and the pretend happy ending :) Oh, and the part where you say that he is not dramatic. I am glad he slept better this afternoon though!

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