Four Months Old??

I’m sorry, but someone is just growing up without my permission!

Jake had a great 4 month check up today! With the exception of some mild torticollis (which we have to do neck stretches for now), everything was perfect! If you’re wondering what that is, look at the above picture. See how his neck is tilted more to the left side? Well, he tends to favor this side, so we need to make sure the muscles on the right side are just as strong. But seeing as how Jake excels in everything he does (have you heard his Spanish??), we’re not worried!

Check out these stats:

Weight: 12 lbs 13 oz (25%)
Height: 24 inches (25%)
Head Circumference: 16.25 inches (50%)

He also did WONDERFUL with his shots. We were shocked. Last time we definitely had the “silent cry” and were in hysterics for a minute. This time however, he started crying and then immediately smiled at his Daddy. What a champ!

I realize I desperately owe all of you some pictures. I apologize! Jake didn’t feel too well this past week so our sleep was limited. We sorta defined walking zombies and it was wonderful to finally get more than a few hours of sleep last night! I love how God works…just when we think we can’t possibly take anymore…He gives us a great night of sleep and we have the chance to recharge.

But before we continue…

Jake, at 4 months you:

-are grabbing your feet constantly (and your bottom too)
-are trying to pull your socks off
-are a little more interested in being on your tummy…but will roll back over within a minute or two
-love putting everything in your mouth
-hold onto my arm when I change your diaper
-love getting naked (because you know it’s bathtime!)
-are obsessed with your Daddy!
-are eating approx 30-32 oz of milk per day
-are learning to soothe yourself
-are SWADDLE-FREE! We thought you were going to go to Kindergarten in your swaddle. Now we use the sleep sack.
-have the funniest “silent laugh”
-love reading your Bible stories every night
-are wearing 3-6 month clothes
-are wearing Size 2 Diapers
-are maybe starting to teeth but we aren’t sure yet
-go to bed between 7:45-8 and wake up around 6

Now that’s out of the way…bring on the pictures!

Umm, really? Not as cooperative as we were in the 3 month pictures! “Look at the camera? Nah, let’s try to get my toes in my mouth instead.”

I’m cute and I know it!

Getting a little tired of taking pictures…

Ok fine, I’ll look. But I won’t smile.

Um, yes you are a stud! Thanks for my precious outfit Auntie D!

Who needs tears? Look at my battle scars!

Jake letting us know he was ready for bedtime. Because the side of that Bumbo looks sooo comfortable…

Like I said…

Enjoying his teething toy

It’s so much more comfortable to play without our pants on!
Stop it Mom, I’m trying to read!

Stinkin’ cute!

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