Fun in the Bumbo

Poor Jake hasn’t been feeling well the past few days. He hasn’t had a fever, but he’s sure been sneezing & coughing up a storm. Plus, this guy has some boogers that could compete with the best of them! Quite impressive, we know. Hopefully this will clear up before Christmas and not get any worse. Because the only thing worse than traveling with a baby that HATES and DESPISES his carseat, is traveling with a sick baby that HATES and DESPISES his carseat!

I mean seriously. He screams bloody murder almost the entire time he’s in it until he falls asleep. And what makes it more fun is that Mom & Dad have to listen to the staticky channels on the radio because it’s the only thing that semi-soothes him. So…this is why I don’t like to go places during the day. It’s much nicer to stay at home and be happy!

He is making leaps and bounds in his development though (what am I, a doctor?) He’s found his hands and loves to stare at them in amazement. He also grabs hold of the toys on his playmat and can keep himself entertained for quite awhile. We think he weighs around 11 pounds now – watch out! He just doesn’t seem interested in rolling over…mostly because he hates being on his tummy. This kid is happy as a lark laying on his back and when you turn him over, it’s total meltdown time. We’ll get there though!

Is he sleeping through the night? Eh, not really. I was really, truly, crossing-my-fingers hoping that he’d be golden by the time I went back to work. Well, we have t-minus 2 weeks left (tear, tear, tear!!) and we’re good to get about 6 hours of sleep at night. Some nights he’ll go for 8-9 hours (rare) but mostly it’s roughly 6…maaaybe 7. He must be too busy to sleep. Sorta like his mama? :)

Happy or not, sleep or no sleep, I love this little boy more than I could have possibly imagined. Him and his daddy are the loves of my life!

He’ll be taking his second road trip later this week and here’s hoping things go smoothly!

He’s still not quite sure what to think about this seat…
Watching some football with Daddy

Hey Handsome!

3 thoughts on “Fun in the Bumbo

  1. Does he by chance get car sick? Calyn screamed and screamed every time we put her in hers even for short trips around town. It wasn’t until we went on our first long car trip that we found out why she hated her car seat. I can tell you something worse than “traveling with a baby that HATES and DESPISES his carseat”, a baby that hates and despises his carseat covered in puke! P-U!!!
    Jake is probably still too young to take anything but I would call the Dr. to see if they have any suggestions incase that is the problem
    GOOD LUCK and Merry Christmas!

  2. Sorry, I think I pressed the wrong button the first time around.

    Hudson HATED the car until we switched him into his convertible seat so he would sit more upright (especially with reflux). He would scream bloody murder EVERY time we were in the car but we changed seats and hung a mobile from the ceiling and he has been a happy little guy since.

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