Fun in the Sun

I’m getting behind again. How does this always happen?? Life is going way too fast right now and doesn’t care to slow down for me at all. Rude.

Last week (or was it the week before?) Jake visited the neighborhood pool. Since he’s had two swim lessons and all, I figured he was a pro and ready to take on the deep end. Except then we didn’t want to make other babies feel bad so we just stayed in the baby pool instead.

The sacrifices you make!

Loving the water

Nana came to visit and Jake had fun splashing her!

Playing with Madeline…err fighting over her camera…

This float comes in handy. Now I can just lay out and read on the side of the pool and let him cruise around for a couple hours.

That’s ok, right?


I do have more pictures to share…but there are many other things on my list right now. It seems like we’ve been doing things more than usual during the days which equals not good naps which equals mom not getting anything done during the day which equals tired in the evening which equals a groundhog day-like feeling the next day.

Did you follow that?

3 thoughts on “Fun in the Sun

  1. the pool wasn’t freezing cold?? ours won’t be warm enough for babies until like mid-june! actually, that’s the big pool…the baby pool might be warm enough because of all the pee and stuff :)

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