Giddy Up!

Jake loooooves his friends. He talks about them all the time…probably second most to trucks and choo choos! :) Everytime I tell him we’re going to church, he starts naming all his little pals and is always so excited to see them!!

Blake and Jack came over to play last week and they were cracking me up. For kids that don’t like to share, Jake and Jack wanted to go “horseback riding” together.

I told Jake to hold on tight…

He had a death grip on Jack’s waist! I thought it was too funny. He kept burying his head in his shoulders.

They will kill me for that picture in 13 years…

Best buds!

We decided to try the same move with Blake…

(He still prefers to ride alone)

Jake and the future Mrs.

(She probably won’t be able to wear heels at the wedding)

These two love each other. Everytime they’re together, they just say each other’s names over and over. Lexi is always hugging on him and let’s just say…he tolerates it. But the girl says “jump”, and he says “how high?”. I need to learn some of her tricks!

3 thoughts on “Giddy Up!

  1. I LOVE those pictures!! I also love that our boys get along so well (most of the time) and play so well together. We can’t wait to have Jake over to our new place soon!!

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