I know you want pictures of the super cute elephant outfit. Quite honestly, I wasn’t ready to take my chances again this morning. Just too soon. But it is washed and ready to go for round 2 whenever I get brave enough!

How about a cute monkey outfit instead? Thanks Jen & Mike!

Still working on our head control…
So cute!
We play a LOT on our playmat everyday. Look at all the playing going on!

Sorry, you’ll have to turn your head. But look how sweetly he swings!

Both my boys down for a nap :)

Can’t forget about our tummy time! He can lift his head for a few seconds but spends the rest of his time in a face plant. Don’t worry, all supervised.
So tired
We have our 2 week appointment with the pedi later this afternoon so we’re anxious to see how he’s grown since the last time! I can’t decide if I should mention his affinity for the long division or not…

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