Happy 2nd Birthday!


This weekend we celebrated your 2nd birthday. SECOND. I’m a little embarassed to say I got teary eyed as we were singing Happy Birthday to you. I just cannot explain how proud your Daddy and I are of you and all you can do. You are so FUN!

I love that we can carry on a conversation with you and be confident that you understand what we’re saying (sort of). You know your colors, several letters, numbers (mostly 1, 2, and 3), body parts, and tons of people. Your vocabulary has just exploded in the last month or two and we love it! Some of our favorite words and phrases are:

-One more time “Um more time!”
-Daddy “DadDY” (you really put the emphasis on the “dy”)
-Oh no! Hmmmm…oh no! (You stand in the pantry and say “Hmmm” a lot, like you can’t decide what to eat)
-My __________. You are very possessive right now! “My shirt! My shoes! My seat! My truck!”
-Drew “Dew”
-BlakeJack “BayJaaah”…like they’re one person :)

Gosh, I can’t even begin to write all these down. I need to work on videotaping you more. Because I know you will love to sit down and watch movies of yourself in 20 years!

You are so serious and so goofy at the same time. The perfect mix! As we all know, you are very particular about how things should work and are always insistent on having things YOUR way (typical toddler!). The great thing about you is that you don’t really “get into things”. We’ve never had to worry about you putting things in your mouth, squirting out a container of lotion when Mommy’s not looking, messing up things that shouldn’t be, etc. Famous last words, I guess. But I can leave the room (if you’ll let me) and trust you to take care of the things around you, including your little brother!

You are really warming up to Drew and are starting to share with him. It has probably helped that you’re playing and sharing with your friends at school! You love your teachers at school, at church, your friends, your grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. Basically you love anyone who gives you lots of attention!! Who wouldn’t, right? You love to read, do puzzles, color, play with stickers, trucks, trains, cars, and play outside. You looove your Daddy and your dogs too! (May May and Tuhtur)

On the day before your birthday, I thought I’d make you some number “2″ pancakes for breakfast. This was your reaction:

As I mentioned, you like things to be done right and pancakes should be in the shape of a circle as far as you’re concerned!! :) I have a love/hate relationship with this quality!

You love Daddy’s truck and we spend many hours playing in the truck bed or in the cab (with the truck off, of course). You could spend all day in there. You also love the TV. I know it’s not the best quality in the world, but I think everyone would agree you’re an excellent TV watcher. You can easily sit and watch a Disney movie and will not budge. I will take you to the movie theater anytime without worry!

As we know, you don’t like getting dirty. We’ve tried to get you to play in the rain and you get upset because it “tickles” you. You love your lovey blanket (bay bay) and will not sleep without it. We would be in big trouble if we ever lost it!

Basically we just love everything about you and I could go on for hours about every funny thing you do. You are a smart little boy and we are going to have to work hard to keep up with you! You are always one step ahead and I can see the wheels always turning in your little head. I’ve loved you as a baby and now as we transition into a “big boy” it’s bittersweet but so exciting.

We hope you had a great birthday party and look forward to many many many more! We love you more than you know!


Mommy & Daddy

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