Happy Belated Halloween

Jake’s 2nd Halloween has come and gone. It’s hard to believe he’s gone from a 7lb baby cow (last year) to a 19lb walking, jabbering, goofy dog! Let’s just hope I have a couple more years of cute costumes before we have to surrender to demands of Transformers, superheros, and popular TV show characters :)

At first he wasn’t too sure about his costume (Jake really didn’t like the hood) but I got him to smile for a couple pictures…
We went to our friend, Beckett’s house to trick or treat with some of our friends. The boys all had a great time together! Look at them eating dinner like big kids (even Seth – ha!).

Look – Mario and Luigi were there! Check out those ‘staches! They were not letting go of their pumpkins. They knew better than to risk losing that candy! Thankfully Jake didn’t quite catch onto that part yet.

Riding around with Beckett the monkey

Jake wasn’t too sure what was going on but he caught onto the “walk up to the door and walk back down the driveway” part real quick! He loved following the other kids around.

Sheila and her monkey.

Now we’re left with a pumpkin full of candy and somehow we Jake only ended up with 2 packages of Skittles. Sigh.

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