So I haven’t taken a picture of my kids in a week – that’s gotta be some kind of record, right??

I assure you they’re just as cute as ever. In looks anyhow.

We have hit a terrible, no-good, very bad stage with a certain 23 month old. He all of a sudden decided he wasn’t going to take naps anymore. Or sleep well at night. Anyone want to diagnose this? Who goes from taking a decent 3 hour nap to nothing??? The poor kid has lived the past week and a half exhausted. His eyes are red-rimmed, he cries all afternoon long, he reeallly cries from dinner to bedtime, and then still doesn’t go to sleep right away at night.

I have tried everything in the book. I’ve had to start playing mean mom and constantly stand outside his door saying “HEAD DOWN, EYES CLOSED!!!”. This will go on for 2 hours and he won’t fall asleep. I wouldn’t mind him just laying and resting if it meant he wouldn’t fall apart all afternoon long.


This pretty much started when he started preschool. I know he doesn’t do well with change and I’m wondering if this is somehow related. His teachers say he has fun but he just doesn’t act excited to go and is super excited to come home.

So if you have any ideas, besides a double dose of Benadryl, let me know!

3 thoughts on “Help!

  1. I was going to say the same as Marla. Bayli didn’t go at all, and Bronco is going 2 days a week now (and he’s almost 5 and going to kindergarten next year).

    So, if it were me, I’d put him to bed earlier (even if that’s 6pm) until he’s better rested. Sleep begets more sleep, right? And, I’m guessing that you standing outside his door for 2 hours has become some sort of attention getting game in his little mind. Is he in a crib (I cant’ remember). If so, I’d close the door and leave him alone. If he’s not and he’s getting out of bed, consider a child safety door knob on the inside (and make sure the room is 100% safe), essentially locking him in his room. If he realizes he’s not getting any attention from you, he’ll probably go back to going to sleep quickly. I wouldn’t expect the nap to get better before the nighttime sleep does. Sleep woes are SO HARD. Too bad we can’t just MAKE our kids sleep, right?

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