How About Some Pictures?

Sorry for my lack of picture posting lately! I feel like life is sorta nonstop right now. You know the feeling where you can never quite catch up?? I hate it!!! But we’re doing our best over here :)

Jake helped me set up for Andrea’s baby shower this past weekend. He loved watching me & Jessie cut up fruit and set the tables. Shoot…I’d like it if someone carried me around all the time too!

Hanging out with Daddy before the boys were kicked out for good! You can tell from his face that girly baby showers are NOT his thing.

Jake enjoyed watching Kyle & Seth play some Playstation (or XBox…or Nintendo…really, who knows these days?)

Kiddo loves to stand! We leave him like this, totally unattended for hours, and he does great!


“Well, if they’re just going to keep taking pictures, I might as well get comfortable!”

What a precious face! Thanks for my outfit Greg & Jacky – we thought this would never fit!

Seth & Tucker were trying to make Jake laugh. Maggie is sorta indifferent to Jake at times…Tucker, on the other hand, is OBSESSED.

“Not too sure what to think about this…but I think I kinda like it!”

I’ll try to do better with pictures this week…then again, maybe not. Have a great week everyone!

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