Jake – 22 Months Old


You are 22 months old. Otherwise known as…ALMOST 2!!! I can’t believe it. I used to think 1 year was old…ha. You were just a baby. :)

(p.s. It’s really throwing me off that you and your brother were born on the same day of the month…I even just double checked with Daddy. Forgive me.)

You are really starting to warm up to your little brother. You don’t like it if he is getting more attention than you…but seem to think he’s ok if he just lays there and watches you play. You also let him sit next to you on the couch or in “your” chair which is big because nobody else is allowed to do that!!

I tried everything I could to get you to smile. You couldn’t take your eyes off Buzz. Drew was loving sitting next to his big brother though!

You are independent, fearless, goofy, bossy, sweet, strong-willed, and serious. I think a lot of those qualities contradict each other! You are happy most of the time and we are lucky that we haven’t had huge discipline problems yet.


When you throw a tantrum, you throw one good. You do NOT give in, give up, or become easily distracted.

For example.

Last week you were eating Raisin Bran as a snack. You ran out of the raisins so I put some dried cherries in there instead. You were fine eating them but when I added more, I guess I didn’t put them in there the “right” way. You went ballistic. Your Daddy and I spent the next HOUR of our lives trying to calm you down. We had multiple trips to time out, pops, and flat out screaming. We finally had to resort to setting up the pack and play and leaving you in there until you could calm down.

An hour.

Luckily those sorts of things happen once every blue moon. Luckily.

You love to read books. Here you’re brushing up on sleep training techniques for brother. I’m sure you’ll be a great help! Some of your favorites are “The Ear Book”, “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt”, “Mr. Brown Can Moo”, and your Toy Story books.

You also looove the TV. You run straight to the recliner in the morning so you can watch Mickey or Jake and the Neverland Pirates. You also love Thomas the Train, Toy Story, Cars, Finding Nemo, Letter Factory, and basically anything else that’s animated! You get so excited that you can’t decide what you want to watch. You’ll ask me to watch Buzz, and as soon as it starts, you say, “Nemo??” and run to get the Nemo DVD. I think your dream would be a movie that contained Buzz, Woody, Nemo, Mater, Lightning McQueen, and some singing letters. :)

You’ve started to notice when you have to “poo poo”. I know this isn’t a good picture but one afternoon after your nap you got mad when I went into your room and kept saying, “Nooo, poo poo!”. When you got out of your crib, you ran to the front door, knelt down, and proceeded to do your business…HA! I guess you weren’t ready for me to get you out of your room yet.

You are going to be such a good big brother! I can’t wait to see you and your brother running around together. I pray that you both grow up to love the Lord. I pray every night for your future wives…that God is working in all of your lives! It’s just crazy to think about but I know the next 50 years will go by so fast!

Were you planning on getting married before that?

I think you get jealous sometimes that Drew gets so many “toys”. I’ll occasionally find you in the swing or bouncy seat trying to see what they’re all about. I think we’ll have a little more drama when Daddy gets out the Exersaucer!

You love Play-Doh. Love it. And really, love is an understatement. We probably play with Play-Doh 15 times a day. We pretty much make baseballs, dogs, and snakes. You shriek with excitement when you see the containers!! It’s helped so much with learning colors. You are able to put the Play-Doh back in the containers and match the correct color top with the correct color Play-Doh. We are so proud of you!! You can point out all the colors, but mostly say “black”, “blue”, “purple”, and “pink”.

You also can identify some letters. Tonight I drew an “A” on the side of the bathtub and you said “Ah!”. Then I did an “S” and you made the “Ssss” sound! Talk about proud. You really pick up on more than I thought.

I mentioned your favorite book was “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt”. You were “reading” it in the car the other day and fell asleep holding on to the open book. Just precious.

You call the camera “cheese” and are constantly handing me the camera saying, “Cheese mama?”. You are putting together so many phrases and talking so much. You say things like, “Baby bath!” or “Daddy go bye bye?”. I can’t possibly write down all you’re saying but it makes my heart melt. Earlier today, Tucker sneezed and you said, “Bless you!”. I couldn’t believe it! You also like to tell the dogs “hush” or “no no no!”
Did I mention that you like Play-Doh? :)

Jake, I know I’m forgetting so much but I had to write this down before we got to your 2nd birthday. It’s hard to believe that you still have so much to learn in the next couple of months. I can’t wait to go back and read this post to see how much you have changed. You are such a sweet little boy and love your family, your grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends. You get SO excited when you see everyone. I love watching you play with your friends. This time next month you will be in preschool (well technically, Mother’s Day Out) two days a week and I know you will have so much fun! You crave structure and I think it will be so good for you.

We love you so much and can’t wait to celebrate your 2nd birthday in October!


Mommy & Daddy