Jake the Snake

I thought it was about time we looked into a typical day in the life of Jake.  And I’m just now realizing I could make this post a lot cuter by taking pictures of each event every day but that just sounds a little exhausting, doesn’t it?

Jake is now 3.33 (but for rounding purposes, let’s just say 3.5 shall we?).  He is goofy, focused, VERY inquisitive, talkative, creative, silly, energetic, smart, strong-willed, and (for the most part) well-behaved.  He is potty trained (except for at night) and can even nap during the day and stay dry.  For whatever reason, Jake has taken more naps this year than he has the entire last year of his life.  I’m afraid a big growth spurt might be in our future!

He goes to bed around 8pm and gets up at about 7:30-8am.  Jake “rests” in his room each day for about an hour…reading books, singing songs, or sometimes falling asleep.


If we let him, Jake would sit in front of the TV or on the iPad the entire day.  I’m afraid he’s my child.  His friends will come over to play and they’ll want to watch a movie…Jake’s buddies will lose interest after about 5 minutes and he sits through an entire movie without moving a muscle.  Both good and bad for me!

He loves to color, make crafts (this is his favorite part of school and church), ride his bike (he is OBSESSED right now and asks daily to take off his training wheels), read books, draw, play with his Rescue Bots and Batman toys, and is starting to enjoy games.  Jake LOVES to play with his friends.  He squeals with excitement when he sees them.  I would say he’s probably more of a mama’s boy but definitely loves time with Daddy…especially when they wrestle.


The thing I love about Jake is how many questions he asks.  A 3 year old mind is still so innocent and it blows me away the things he comes up with.  The other day his shirt said “Heartbreaker” and he asked me if that was because his heart had to break for Jesus to come inside.  It takes many people their whole life to figure that one out!  He is so curious about our bones, blood, heart, brain, etc and always wants to know how things work.  He will sit with me and talk and answer questions for long periods of time.  These times are so special to me because I know he won’t want to talk forever!  He’ll come home from school and tell me about what his friends ate for lunch, what so-and-so said when they were playing, sing the songs they sang in music, what they learned in chapel.  I hear it all!  (Which, as a result, he has also become a big tattle-tale…HA!)

022(Hard to tell, but he is sitting in front of a penguin aquarium)

Jake can count to 20, knows his ABC’s for the most part (he can identify most letters) and can write “O”, “Q”, “S”, “T”, and “a baby i”, as he says.  I’ve noticed that he has started to memorize several of his books and reads along with me.  He makes up silly songs and has the silliest facial expressions.

He goes to school on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9-2 and takes gymnastics on Tuesday mornings.  I wasn’t sure how gymnastics would go, but he’s been doing this for about 9 months and has a blast.  He’s also hoping to play soccer this spring with some of his school friends.  Which is great, because we know a lot about soccer.

Kick the ball, score a goal…right?

How can you even capture everything about your child’s life in one blog post?  It’s impossible.  I feel like I’ve shared so much yet there is so much I’m sure I’ve left out.

But Jake, when you read this one day (which, of course you will because boys are just so sentimental, right?), just know that you are LOVED, you are BLESSED, and you are JOY.


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